Enjoy Midas Protocol New Dapp Store Powered by Dapp.com, Share $5,000 Prize Pool!

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Brand New Multi Blockchain Dapp Store


The strategic partnership between Midas Protocol and Dapp.com is set up to expand dapps, especially DeFi, by bringing great onboarding experience with the fullest and latest collection of products. 



Midas Protocol is one of the most powerful and universal crypto wallets that enables STORE, SWAP, STAKE, SHARE, SPEND various coins and tokens. Supporting 28 different layer-1 chains and thousands of tokens, the Midas wallet app is one of the go-to wallet apps for hundreds of thousands of crypto enthusiasts worldwide. Midas Protocol has also integrated with over 16 exchanges with its portfolio tracking function - to provide seamless in-app trading experience with one user account. 


(Dapp marketplace powered by Dapp.com)



To the next level, Dapp.com, a global leader in dapp analytics and distribution, became an exclusive partner to empower Midas’s dapp marketplace. This means that all Midas users will be able to discover the lastest and best dapps on Ethereum, Tron, Tomochain, Klaytn, and Binance Chain. On the other hand, dapps listed on Dapp.com will get more exposure and awareness by being accessed from the Midas’s wallet.




Instant Access to DeFi and CeFi


Uniswap, Balancer, Curve, Yam Finance, Yearn Finance, Synthetix Exchanges, and more! Get access to the whole DeFi ecosystem within clicks. Catching the bull run? Securely store your token on Midas Protocol, discover the latest and trusted DeFi dapps, stake your DeFi coins and become a yield farmer. 



While the gas fee becomes too expensive especially among the DeFi products, you could also save up to hundreds of dollars with Midas Protocol - by using the aggregated trading function on Midas Protocol. Integrated with and tapped into liquidity from top tier exchanges including Binance, Okex, KuCoin, and Bitfinex, you can manage your assets across exchanges within your Midas account





Get Daily Free Crypto with Midas, Share a $5,000 Prize Pool


To celebrate this partnership, a new invitation code has been created for the Dapp.com community to earn free cryptos through Mida’s on-app lucky wheel. Lucky Wheel is a unique feature of the Midas Wallet app that gives users free daily spins to receive many kinds of crypto from the Midas Ecosystem and its various partners.




1 month or until all prizes run out. Start from 24th Aug, 2020.




Up to $5,000 in $MCASH, $MCC, and many other tokens from our ecosystem partners.



Getting Started Now

  • Download Midas Protocol wallet app on iOS/Android here: http://onelink.to/MidasWallet

  • Go to Lucky Wheel dapp on Midas wallet, click "Earn More Spins" and put in invitation code: dapp.com. Those who use this code will have 5 free spins instantly. (others only have 1 spin)

  • Click "Get Free Spin" and complete the verification, click "Tap to Spin" to spin the lucky wheel, get the airdrop.

  • Slide down, click "Your Prize" to view and claim your prize directly on Midas wallet.



  • After the 1st free spin, you can enter the invitation code to get the next 5 free spins, only for Dapp.com users.

  • Participants can claim prizes after 24 hours from your spins. All claims within 24 hours will show "Processing" status.

  • In the case of uninstalling/reinstalling of Midas wallet, all prizes/claims will be lost. Please claim all your prizes before uninstalling/reinstalling the Midas wallet.



Explore the Midas Protocol New Dapp Store powered by Dapp.com, and get exclusive Dapp.com user rewards now!



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