Meet the Hedgie From the Mystical Land of Curiopia

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The Hedgie game is a free-to-play idle strategy game built on the Ethereum blockchain. Journey with your Hedgie through four unique Kingdoms and dig up all sorts of loot to boost your Hedgie’s performance and earn crypto coin! Also, you can spend your Curio coin on upgrades inside the game, and in the real world at Hedgie-Approved Businesses.


But First of All, What Is That Cute Creature? 

Before we start your Hedgie journey, here is a little background story you may want to know about — Hedgies' story begins long before humans discovered cryptocurrency. They are legendary creatures. Skilled explorers with a storied past, these colorful, limited edition crypto collectibles dig for treasure and earn crypto coin in the mystical land of Curiopia. Want to dig into the history of the Hedgian civilization? Read all about its revolutionary history here

How to Adopt Your Own Hedgie?

You will have your own Hedgie for FREE after you create an account. Want to own your Hedgie outside of the game? Mint it on the blockchain! Here’s a handy how-to guide for you to get more of those cuties. Once you’ve minted your Hedgie, keep it as a digital pet (digital asset) or you can gift it / sell it on third-party exchanges like OpenSea and Emoon.


Visit My Hedgies to see your Hedgie's unique powers and send it on a journey.


The Hedgie Gameplay

Once you've created an account, you can get full access to the Hedgie game. 


Select the Kingdom and the duration of your Hedgie’s journey. Remember, your Hedgie will find loot based on its unique powers, and the boosts you have given it. After your Hedgie returns, visit the My Journeys page to unveil the treasures. You Hedgie will discover Curio, boosts, and resources in Curiopia. Consume boosts for added treasure-hunting benefits, or sell them for more Curio!

The Hedgie House is where your Hedgie recovers its energy between journeys. The more furnished your House, the faster your Hedgie can recover its energy and start another journey!


Use the resources your Hedgie finds in Curiopia (earth, fire, metal, water, and wood) to build furniture for your Hedgie House. Once you've built a furniture item, you can upgrade it to level 2 and 3 with the help of more resources.


How to Spend Your Curio Coin?

The Curio coin you earn in the game can be used in the real world at Hedgie-Approved businesses. Get ready to use your Curio coin to enjoy special discounts, and join the Hedgie family on Telegram to be the first to hear about new participating businesses and promotions.


A fun fact: Toronto’s Himalayan Coffee House was the first Hedgie-Approved business to complete a Curio transaction! 

The Hedgie Philosophy

Because of its real-world usability, Curio coin makes Hedgie more than just a casual game. As the Hedgie team envisions it, the game will be what introduces thousands of people to the benefits of blockchain and cryptocurrency, with Curio coin that they can earn and spend without hurdles and risks.


Because of its simplicity and free-to-play design, Hedgie is introducing the crypto-curious population to the benefits of decentralized technology. The blockchain enables users to truly own their Hedgies and Curio coin, and make use of them both in and out of the game.


Better still, Hedgie is the first crypto collectible that is readily available free of charge. Unlike most other crypto collectibles that can only be purchased with crypto, and other crypto games that involve gas fees, users receive their first Hedgie free when they sign up, so they can start playing (and earning!) right away. No crypto required.


Any additional Hedgies can be purchased with a credit card, or with Ether. This flexibility makes Hedgie accessible to users both familiar and brand new to crypto. The more Hedgies a user has, the more Curio they will earn, and the more real-world benefits they can enjoy.


Hedgie Is Better With Friends!

Earn more Curio by referring your friends to Hedgie. Visit the Settings page to see your unique referral link, send it to a friend, and you’ll both receive one bonus Curio coin when they create a new account. Multiplayer challenges will be launched soon, so all the more reason to get your friends to sign up!


Join the Hedgie family on Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit to be the first to learn about new promotions, partnerships, and game features.

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