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2020-03-03 08:05:00 · 6900 views · 3 min read

2019 has been a difficult year for many of us and 2020 seems a bit tough, too. Be it financial issues, or not being in the right headspace, not being able to meet deadlines, or just not being able to join the art class you’ve been eyeing for long. We want to help you make your new year, a better one.


Have you been asked questions like "Hey, did you drink that glass of water?" or "Did you read that book today!?" by your friends? Daily Habits is that annoying friend of yours who constantly keeps reminding you to do things, from tiny little things to the bigger ones. 


Daily Habits brings you, your ultimate space to — build, develop, and grow. It is now time to focus on yourself, time to work towards what makes you happy.


What Is Daily Habits and How Does It Work?

As the top prize winner of Blockstack's Can't Be Evil contest, Daily Habits helps you turn an action into a habit. Been procrastinating to learn to play that song on your guitar, or finish reading that book you left incomplete? Daily Habits is your friend in disguise. Let us show you how it works.


Once you are in, you will see your dashboard:

On your dashboard, you can add the actions you would like to turn into a habit. You can create multiple habits at a time. Just click on "Add New Habit" and then you'll see:

There are two options for you to choose from: One is to choose a goal from the templates created, and the other one is to set your own goals from scratch. If you choose to go with the templates, click on "Pick A Template", and it takes you to a list of the activities you can turn into a habit.

Then, follow the steps: Select a category, choose an activity, set a schedule, and your journey begins. If you want to set up your own goals, you can go to Step 3 Select Option to define the goal for yourself. Building your own goal gives you the freedom to develop anything into a habit. And it can be as simple as remembering waking up early every morning!


Why Should You Start Using Daily Habits?

Daily Habits gives you the freedom to make your own choices and make your life better. It doesn’t interfere with what you and your goals. It doesn’t even store any of your information, that's the beauty of blockchain technology, to make things secure and safe for you to use. And you have the total privacy and more power to you.


If you think you are motivated to develop a habit but are not sure where and how to approach it or need someone to help you track your habits, Daily Habits will be your go-to goal-setting platform designed to help you achieve your goals. And its friendly social accountability tool helps you get a grip on your habits and irrespective of your goal.


Eventually, Daily Habits will be adding more features to the app such as Intuitive Dashboard where you will be able to see your accomplishments through statistics and automated key-stone habit finder — the system will automatically suggest other actions to build on based on your activities.


Go set up your goal on the Daily Habits now and let us know what you think!

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