Marble All the Dapps and Win 10,000 Marblecoins

2020-01-18 09:10:00 · 13894 views · 3 min read

Starting from January 19th, you will be able to choose your favorite dapp pages on and marble it and turn it into a unique non-fungible token (NFT)!


To marble a web page means to turn it into a digital card. It’s like finding a story that means something to you and cutting it from a newspaper to frame it. Every Marble card is a non-fungible token on Ethereum. Once a web page is marbled, it can not be done again. A Marble card can both be admired as a collectible and battled in one of the Arenas for rewards.


The best part besides owning unique cards? You will be rewarded with Marblecoins if your cards get votes in MarbleCards Arena? For this event, there is an extra pool of 10,000 Marblecoins that will be handed out to the best performing cards. 


How to Participate:  

From January 19th to January 26th, please follow these simple steps:


1. Marble your favorite dapp 

  • Go to and search for your favorite dapps that you’d like to marble on: 

  • Go to Marble.Cards and create a card for that URL (we have a step-by-step guide of how to marble a card below, please keep reading). 


If it’s already taken, we encourage you to look around and find another one — we have more than 3,200 dapps for you to choose from. If you really want a particular one but it’s taken, don’t worry, you can always trade/buy the card from other players from the marketplace or OpenSea. 


Here is an example of how the card looks like after you marbled it, beautiful, right?


  • Submit your dapp cards to Dapp Arena on Marble.Cards/arena by January 24th at 9:59 AM EST.


2. Share your card and vote for others to earn Marblecoins

The voting process starts from January 19th at 10 AM EST to February 2nd at 9:59 PM EST, during the time period you may:   

  • Go to the Dapp Arena and press “Submit a Card”. If your cards get enough votes to get to the top, you earn Marblecoin

  • Share your work on social media with a hashtag #MarbleMyDapp and ask your friends to vote for you too! 

  • You will earn Marblecoin with every vote: Press ”Cast a Vote” to start voting on cards and 1 vote = 0.1 Marble coin


Note: Top 30 best cards will be sharing the grand prize of 10,000 Marblecoin, so first come first served. 


The Marble Coins will be distributed to your ETH wallet (the one links to your account on Marble.Cards) by February 7th at 1 PM EST.


A Step-by-Step Guide of How to Marble Your Dapp Cards 

  1. Go to and find a dapp you would like to marble, like this one for example Just simply copy the URL. 

  2. Go to Marble.Cards and sign in.

  3. After you are signed in, click the "Create Card" button. Paste the URL and click "Create".

  4. You will now be prompted to pay a little marbling fee of 0.0085 ETH. Complete the transaction in your wallet.

  5. After a few minutes, your card will be created and go in to auction for 12h. If anyone buys it you get 30%. If nobody buys it you can claim it for free once the 12h have passed.

  6. Once the card is claimed, you can enter the Dapp Arena and submit your card.


Happy marbling and see you in the Dapp Arena! 

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