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2021-12-13 08:14:36 · 80 views · 5 min read

For a decentralized application dapp, one function that must have on your product is “Connect”. Most dapps connect users through wallet addresses, a long length of numbers and letters. In contrast to an email address, you can know who you are communicating with through the email address. However, this long number and letter wallet address makes users feel alienated.


With login with Unstoppable, you connect with your users, not just their addresses.



Login with Unstoppable is a simple login widget for applications that allows your users to create and authenticate logins as well as share contract info using their NFT domain.


Why you should integrate Unstoppable Login?


Not just that! $12k Special Grant! Limited Time!

For projects that integrate Login with Unstoppable, you will enjoy $12k special grant and featured marketing & support from Unstoppable Domains.

  • $2k in cash

  • $10k in Unstoppable Domain credits

  • Featured marketing & support to 200k+ crypto community

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Simple - 4 Easy Steps to Integrate

Submit application and enjoy all these benefits NOW!

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