Lindsay Lohan Became A Fan of TRON Instead of Ethereum?

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Bitcoin has soared to fresh all-time highs in recent weeks, breaking $52,000 ATH just a few days ago.



After a long list of celebrities and influentials marching into Bitcoin, on 12th Feb, came actress Lindsay Lohan. She auctioned off an Ethereum-based NFT on digital collectible marketplace Rarible after predicting, “Bitcoin to the moon.”

However, several of her followers and the crypto community have pointed out that Bitcoin is not Ethereum, where her NFT based on. 



Then, after Lohan got the idea, she probably has looked through some public blockchains and DeFi projects other than Ethereum. And she discovered TRON! “Good job”, said Lohan to the founder of TRON, Justin Sun.

This has raised great attention to the DeFi projects on TRON, giving that Lindsay Lohan has 8.4M followers on Twitter. 

3 TRON DeFi and DEX get into the top 10 token projects with the highest social signal scores today: Sun, JUST and JustSwap. All the 3 projects were mentioned in Lohan’s tweet. (Social signal is a good way for you to discover what is discussing hot in social media)



Sun focuses on the DeFi potential of TRON. You can stake to mine and earn $SUN tokens. The lending pools support popular coins USDT, BTC, ETH, as well as TRON-based cryptocurrencies like TRX, JST, SUN, WIN, etc.

(The black spot line indicates the $SUN price)



$SUN price has fluctuated went up by 83.4% in the past 30 days.



JustSwap is the leading exchange protocol on the TRON blockchain for swaps between TRC20 tokens. You can regard it as the Uniswap on TRON.

(The black spot line indicates the $SUN price)



JustSwap’s 30d volume reached $236.46M increased by 64.66%. The total balance in JustSwap’s smart contracts is 1.04B TRX, worth about $55.89M at the time of writing.



TRON has always positioned itself as an Ethereum competitor. Then how’s TRON DeFi/DEX performance compared to Ethereum’s?




  • Volume

Ethereum dominates the DeFi market in terms of volume. The 30d volume of Ethereum DeFi hit $72.85B, which accounted for almost 100% of the market share. While TRON only has $14.23M volume in the past 30 days.



  • Transaction

As for transactions, a total of 1.15M transactions happened on the Ethereum blockchain during the 30d period, accounting for 63.2%. TRON has fewer transactions, 670.97K, accounting for 36.8%.



  • Active Users

There are 274.97K active Ethereum DeFi users, more than 5 times TRON’s 52.04K users.



Overall Ethereum DeFi has an absolute advantage over TRON DeFi, no matter by volume, transactions, or users.



  • Volume

Ethereum DEX 30d volume $23.75B also dominates the market, with a 99.6% share. TRON’s has only 0.4% of the market share with a $99.85M volume.



  • Transaction

However, TRON has taken over Ethereum in terms of transactions. It has 2.87M transactions in the past 30 days, accounting for 76.3% of the total transactions. This is more than 2 times the transactions on Ethereum(891.55K, 23.7%).



  • Active Users

What’s more, TRON has attracted 3 times more users than Ethereum. 1.20M users have interacted with decentralized exchanges on TRON, accounting for 73.9%. While only 423.78K users have used Ethereum DEX.



TRON DEX has won over Ethereum DEX considering transactions and active users yet it has far less volume.



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