Life Hacks for Work and Beyond

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Welcome to December — the last month of 2019… and the last month of the decade! 


Sometimes, you get frustrated with lost personal data or feel overwhelmed during the much-dreaded tax season. You’re not alone, because us too! When you’re feeling stressed out by those things, a little life hack can help — and with dapps, we will be able to leave those overwhelmed days behind... for good! 


Here’s a roundup of the new dapps that can help you become more effective at work and beyond. 


dArray manages your accounting in an easy and private way

For a new business owner or a freelancer, creating your first invoice and sorting out your accounting stuff can be daunting. With dArray, an Ethereum-based invoice and accounting software, you can issue invoices, track expenses, manage accounts payable and accounts receivable, and organize your files all in one place. 


dArray also helps you to manage projects by proving a task list with the calendar. If you have a Blockstack ID, you can log in dArray with your ID and it comes with a decentralized CRM system. So if you are a small business owner and a freelancer, dArray can be a compelling alternative to QuickBooks and Trello, and it’s free to use for now. 


MakerPlace helps you discover and collect unique digital creations

There’re tons of Cyber Monday deals happening right now and MakerPlace will be the place that helps to take your Cyber Monday experience to the next level. 


MakerPlace is a platform to create, sell, and collect digital creations. Whether you’re an artist, a photographer, or a content creator, you can create and sell your unique digital work on MakerPlace, and the platform only takes a small percentage of fees once you make a sale. Also, for art lovers, you can discover all kinds of digital arts with a good deal.


MakerPlace accepts credit card payment, which means people can shop there even though they’re not part of the “crypto crowd” yet. Because of crypto-collectibles’ uniqueness, transparent, and liquidity, MakerPlace is going to be one of the markets that plays an important role on the Cyber Monday (or other shopping days), as well as in our everyday life.


Odin: Your smart contract scanner 

Need someone to double-check your smart contract before deploying it? Odin is here to help. 


Building on top of Klaytn blockchain, Odin is the first smart contract scanning dapp in Klaytn. It will help blockchain developers to analyze and audit the smart contract, including vulnerable code clone detectors, bug detectors, and formal verifiers qualified by security top conferences. Odin will not just analyze the vulnerabilities and prevent security threats in real-time, also it can guide you to how to fix the issue, so you will have bug-free code after that and your dapp users will have a worry-free user experience. 


No more “no deploy Friday”, Odin has got your back!  


Unstoppable Domains: A domain that truly owned by you

You might have heard of the blockchain domain — a domain asset that launched as a smart contract on the blockchain. 


Unstoppable Domains is a place where you can buy domains and configure domains easily, and wherein the near future you’ll be able to build uncensorable websites and manage all of those tools. Now, Unstoppable Domains is launching an Ethereum-based domain .crypto, so you will be able to have a .crypto domain, attach your cryptocurrency addresses to it and then make payments, and most importantly, it will be stored by the owner — it will be yours forever and no one can take it away. 


Just think about cat.crypto, WomenYellsAtCat.crypto, you want one now?


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