Why Klaytn Might Be a Better Choice Before Ethereum 2.0 Launch?

2019-10-06 03:13:25 · 5228 views · 4 min read

For all the developers out there who are looking for a “friendly fork” of the Ethereum blockchain, Klaytn might be your first choice before Ethereum 2.0 launching. Klaytn is from Ground X, the blockchain subsidiary of Korea's largest mobile platform, Kakao, with over 50 million monthly users.


With a friendly development environment for developers and enterprises, Klaytn targets to facilitate a better user experience through toolkits. The spectrum of toolkits can be various from an explorer, wallet, web Integrated Development Environment (IDE), and client libraries.


Below are the three key points why you should try developing on Klaytn:


1. Klaytn is Ethereum-compatible to provide familiar development experience to blockchain developers 

While waiting for the Ethereum 2.0 version, you basically can easily experiment with or migrate existing smart contracts to Klaytn and experience the high performance of Klaytn. And of course Klaytn do support Solidity as the primary programming language. 


Other development tools, such as Remix (a browser-based IDE) and Truffle (a development framework) can also be utilized when developing smart contracts for Klaytn. 


The same logic applies to fungible and non-fungible token (NFT) standards. Klaytn supports Ethereum token standards, specifically ERC-20 and ERC-721. These standards are widely adopted among blockchain developers.


You may find more details from Klaytn Docs here.


2. Affordable and stable gas fee price 

Ethereum’s opcode-based fee model that aims to solve the problem of wasting resources but still meet the hindre of high gas prices problem (e.g. state write). To address this problem, Klaytn provides affordable Smart Contract execution costs that use an opcode-based fixed-fee model by scaling each CN node, parallelizing computation, and horizontally scaling physical clusters.


With a low unit cost per opcode-based metered model, most of the relatively short smart contract executions can be performed at a lower, stable cost. 


3. Steady control of the price volatility

On the Ethereum network, users set the gas price for each transaction, and miners choose which transactions to be included in their block to maximize their reward. It is something like bidding for limited resources. This approach has been working because it is market-based. However, the transaction cost fluctuates and often becomes too high to guarantee the execution.


To solve the problem, Klaytn is using a fixed unit price and the price can be adjusted by the governance council. This policy ensures that every transaction will be handled equally and be guaranteed to be executed. Therefore, users do not need to struggle to determine the right unit price.


In conclusion, technology evolves in cycles, but users still in a labor pain that it's so hard for them to onboard in a blockchain, not to mention a dapp. Although Ethereum is the first choice of developers, it still lacks viable and disruptive business models and costs too much. Now we have Klaytn, and it strikes the balance between the business side and the cost side. Most importantly, Klaytn is way beyond other blockchains for the user onboarding side.


Also, Klaytn has recently released Klyatn Phone, the first and only smartphone that offers a seamless experience for users interacting with blockchain-powered services. With Klaytn Phone, you can experience an all-in-one blockchain ecosystem from token to wallet to blockchain application. It comes with 5 pre-loaded Klaytn BApps including Antube, Cosmochain FitsMe, Haemuknamnyeo, Piction Network, and Womanstalk. If you want to develop your own BApp and run into Klaytn, now you also have a full-ecosystem simulator / Klaytn phone to test.



By Annie Huang, Dapp.com Developer Community Lead

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