Introducing Dapp Store

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We at are keeping innovating and building the data-driven blockchain application ecosystem that pushes users to discover and use all decentralized apps without barriers. As our next release — Dapp Store launch day is coming closer, we’re very excited to give you a sneak peek at our latest product and show you how it works.


But First of All, Why Dapp Store?

We’ve all been there — to start using a dapp, you need to go through a bunch of “pains” — install or import wallets, register on the wallet, remember tons of information like mnemonics, private keys, and etc, and obtain native tokens for that specific blockchain, and not to mention, you will need to learn and experience that process all over again if you use a new dapp from different blockchain. Dapps certainly have offered a very poor user experience to date. 


Sometimes you think there must be a better way. 


Introducing Dapp Store

The principle problem of user onboarding can be overcome not simply by facilitating new users to obtain cryptocurrency of choice but by providing an incredible product that helps everyone to get rid of all those processes.


The Dapp Store is a tool that leads users to the decentralized world by removing barriers — it allows you to use any dapps without having to install any tools or own digital assets in order to use dapps.


How Does It work? 

To start using Dapp Store, you will only need to sign up on and transfer tokens to the Dapp Store to begin your dapp journey immediately. Accounts from different blockchains are set up and managed by the master account — we will keep that safe for you. You can use Dapp Store on your PC as well as on your mobile device so that you can use dapps anywhere, anytime. And with DAPPT, you will be able to access to the premium services in the Dapp Store. 


The beta version supports EOS and it will support Ethereum and more blockchains along the way. On-chain token swap and cross-chain token exchange will be launched in the near future.


Also, the Dapp Store is very developer-friendly. Only one line of code needs to be replaced for a dapp to support the Dapp Store — and it is compatible with every existing wallet on the market.


We look forward to hearing community feedback as we roll this out. And we really hope Dapp Store can help you cut out the pains and eventually, bring your mom and even your grandma to the dapp world!

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