Into the Ring with Oladapo Ajayi from KittieFIGHT

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Oladapo Ajayi, the founder of SuperDAO, leader of the developing team for KittieFIGHT, a brand new game that will put your beloved CryptoKitties against each other for fame and fortune.


We're very excited about KittieFIGHT as it would give the community something to do with their CryptoKitties while creating a risk of losing them as well. After every fight, the winner kittie takes home the grand prize while the loser kittie will remain in KittieHell. Such a system could potentially stimulate more demand for new and more terrifying kitties on the CryptoKitties market.


During the interview, we wanted to find out more about SuperDAO, possible awesome projects that are in the making, explore the details of KittieFIGHT before its official release, and go offtopic exploring Ethereum gaming in general.



Tells us about SuperDAO, what projects have you done in the past and how did KittieFIGHT come to be?

At SuperDAO, we are incrementally creating a decentralized organization that's governed by people who are interested in the products that we produce. We are banking on the functionality of certain protocols and tools so that we can pick and choose how we can effectively achieve our goals. We've created Pokereum in the past which is a decentralized poker, but we really did not meet our goals in terms of excitement for what we released.

So we put Pokereum on hold and looked to create other dapps that would help us get to market quickly and provide value to our backers, hence KittieFIGHT. Once we are finished with KittieFIGHT and its iterations as well as its spinoff FIGHTBattles, we plan to go back and improve our previous dapps.


Could you discuss FIGHTBattles with us?

FIGHTBattles is like KittieFIGHT on steroids. KittieFIGHT, as you know, has no project like it in the crypto space so far. Think of KittieFIGHT as a boxing match where supporters go to the fight, cheering and promoting their favorite fighters. Supporters provide ETH or in-game Tokens to help their favorite fighter win during the match, and their support is then manifested virtually through visual animations.

FIGHTBattles is the same except it uses a different schematic and it capitalizes on the most popular non-fungible dapp platforms. Taking characters from each of those platforms and combining it so that it is not just CryptoKitties but also other favorite dapp characters.

So FIGHTbattles will essentially become a sort of Kingdom of Hearts or a Super Smash Bros., where characters from different games can beat each other up?

Exactly! Not only are we using different dapp platforms, but the theme and the setting will be different so that it will appeal to a broader audience.


What will need to happen for FIGHTBattles to be released? Or is going to happen nonetheless?


FIGHTBattles is going to happen, nonetheless. FIGHTBattles will capitalize off KittieFIGHT. Using the user base of KittieFIGHT as a catalyst to drum up excitement, motivation, and popularity to then use it to incentivize mainstream users of other platforms to join FIGHTBattles.


How did you finance KittieFIGHT? Was it through crowdfunding?

It was bootstrapped, we are now getting into the stage of crowdfunding through a dutch auction. There are several reasons why it is necessary for us to do a dutch auction. We need to determine the range and value for the tokens, determine how to quantify payouts for the winners and participators, and also find out the price of various fees that are in the game. This will reveal the game to new players, and through this, we will make sure that we are not making any missteps.


What is the name of the Token that will be used for KittieFIGHT? What uses will it have?

The name of the Token will be called KittieFIGHT Tokens; you can use these to tokens to schedule fighting matches, to pay your kitten out of damnation, a feature that a lot of people really like, and ultimately use them to support the Kitties during the fights.

Are you actually moving CryptoKitties to KittieFIGHT? What is the process and how easy will be for players?

We are not moving CryptoKitties to KittieFIGHTS the only point which kitties are "move" to KittieFights is when the fight is actually scheduled, and the KittieHell Contracts is signed. When players schedule fight they are entering an agreement where the Kittie does not belong to them anymore. When one of the players win the match, they will get back their kittie, and the one that loses will have to get their Kittie back from KittieHell.

To summarize, no Kitties are take away automatically; the KittieHell Contract is what we use to be able to transfer ownership of the Kitties.


Can players customize their Kitties to make them more ferocious? Will there be specific customizations for very successful kitties?

Basically what we did was take the default CryptoKittie assets, and we tried to animate them by giving them boxing gloves and making cat scratches appear from nowhere as they fight each other. It was a shortcut that we did not like the outcome of, but the players did. So we decided to go for a realistic fighting game and at the same time try to keep some attributes of original kittie. We ended up having avatars which are similar to the Kittie in terms of height and stature while attaching KittieFIGHT apparel and moves for the fight.

Once both sides agreed to a time, a place and booked the fight, how best can players prep for the fight?

The only way to prepare for a fight is to increase the number of supporters supporting you as a fighter, that is the only edge that you can use. However, there are no guarantees that you will win, even if you have 100 supporters. It will be up to the supporters to provide enough support during the match to achieve victory. Naturally, supporters are incentivized to support you because they will be sharing the Kitty Nit Pot (the total prize pool) at the end of the fight.

Do supporters have to have a CryptoKitty to support a fight?

No, they don't have to have a Cryptokitty to support a fighter. They have to sign up on our website and get some KittieFIGHT tokens to provide support for the fight.


How can other players see their support during the matches? Will, it just be an economic contribution or will it also be represented in the stands?

There will be such a feature in this game, and that's why I said there's nothing similar out there. Audiences as they contribute Ether and Tokes to support the fighting kitties, the contribution will be reflected by one of the kitties in the audience where the virtual match is taking place. The kitties will raise a banner showing the name and amount that the supporter gave to a specific kittie; you can expect captivating sounds and animations to increase player immersiveness in the game.

What combos can we expect to see during a fight? Are we talking Mortal Kombat style or more old school Tekken?

You can expect combos, and they are modeled like Mortal Kombat with sound effects and everything. A combo comes as a result of chance, so if players and supporters coordinate they can increase the chances of a combo happening. So if you are lucky, you can activate the combos that will inflict more damage to the opponent. Basically, you cannot plan a combo, but you increase the odds of it happening.


Mortal Kombat is pretty gory, should the squeamish look away?

It is meant to be playful, so there won't be any blood or anything like, but the kitties will appear to be taking damage as the fight progress.


The Kittie Nip Pot will be huge at the end of the fight how will the distribution of the winnings work?

The parameters are not finalized as of yet, but we know that the winning kittie from the match will take the lion's share of the prize composed of both Tokens and ETH, we have discussed 50%t to 45%. tThe last of the runner-ups in terms of biggest contributors to the Kittie Nip Pot before the fight time ends will also gain a large share of the winnings compared to other supporters. If your side loses, you will lose everything that you contributed to the fight. So essentially you will keep wanting to support your kittie to make sure you and that you get the runner's up share of the winnings from the Kittie Nip Pot and that your kittie wins!


KittieHell sounds like a very horrible place, will players really lose their kitty there? Why would you want to kill those innocent fluffy kitties?

HAHAHAHA, because some kitties are bad! No, I mean over overtime because there are so many CryptoKitties assets out there people are finding it hard to engage in that game because of the almost non-existent value the kittens have. The only people who can keep going are those that own very rare kittens. So we feel that if you are in this position, you will find it easy to engage in our platform and if you lose the kitties you won't mind are they are not worth much. In the long run, we will help provide a place where kitties will be stuck forever in KittieHell and reducing the supply of cheap Kitties.


Well, how do you remove them from circulation?

The transference of kitties happens when you sign up for a fight, where the kitties are in a KittieHell contract. The contract is resolved when the results of the fight are filled into the KittieHell contract where the winner and loser are determined. The winner will receive their Kittie back, but the loser will have their kittie stuck in KittieHell unless the player pays for salvation within a certain amount of time.



You'll need a vast hell to keep all these kitties.

We don't even need space as it is all supported on the Ethereum blockchain. And if you want you to have the opportunity to view them, you can go and visit your cat and see where it's at in hell. You'll find your kittie sitting there while being tormented by the Kittie Hell Guard.


Will there be enough time for players to generate the funds to pay for their kittie's salvation? Can they pay only in Tokens or can they use Ether? How expensive will salvation be?

As mentioned before we don't know yet as we will determine this through our dutch auction. Acceptable payment for salvation will only be only in KittieFIGHT Tokens because the goal of the project is to increase the value of the tokens through utility in order to reward fans and player of KittieFIGHT.


Is there a Beta already underway? Can interested players access it? Or will they have to wait for the Demo?

We are looking to sharing the Demo at the end of this week. The beta test is not ready unfortunately because it would require us to uncouple a lot of developments that we have tied up right now. What we are going to provide is not just the demo by the end of this week but also the fight paper that describes the game's mechanics. We want people to have the full information about how it works what KittieFIGHTS is going to look like before the dutch auction. Actually, you ( are the first to cover KittieFIGHTS.


What can people experience in the Demo?

In the demo, we want to simulate the transactions and how it will manifest in the game in terms of supporter animations and fight actions. We want to show what makes KittieFIGHTS stand out from what's available out there at the moment.


When can we expect the game to be fully released to the general audience?

We are looking at November right now because there were a lot of needs that we did not think about. Before that, if the dutch auction is successful, we will hopefully have a progressive beta test. It would seem like a live game, but we will choose the participators for the live fights, let them get the supporters, and we would moderate each interaction. All this probably around the end of October to get the fans excited.


Offtopic - Do you have concerns about Ethereum gaming?

With Etherium gaming, in general, I think people should keep their heads on a swivel in terms of developments in the user experience. It's evolving, people are now used to Metamask and dapp browsers, but that stuff is going to change really quickly. There are implementations for; I don't know if you are aware, single username sign-ins and multiple device attestations, maybe we won't see them in a few weeks but perhaps a couple of months. The concern is that if you develop a game and don't implement these new changes quickly enough, you might stagnate. New developers might implement these products with a smoother user experience that will make obsolete what you have to offer to make it easier for users to jump on these new experiences.


Meanwhile, Ethereum is taking its time to improve itself, but the platform has proven itself many over the years. I was there at the beginning; I was there before it, I used all the crypto 2.0 protocols in terms of NXT and Mastercoin, I was actually the first investor in Mastercoin. I even wrote the first decentralized poker white paper based on smart contracts. So I saw Ethereum evolve while taking its time, using a scientific approach to test new ideas along the way. I think that's good as it gets the miners used to the shift that they will plan to take. This is an excellent way to go forward.


Should developers be worried or concerned about future government involvement with dapps?  

As an innovator, I believe in implementing first. If your dapp is nothing to be reckoned with why bother with it. So create something innovative first, and then facilitate what you have built to thrive. Which can mean going into regions which are more acceptable about what you're doing, this is only one solution. I believe the old world doesn't understand this new change completely, not yet, so why rely on the old world to moderate what people are going to be using the future. I'm not worried about it; I believe people should pursue whichever creative idea they have and ask questions later. So worry about the creative aspects of your ideas, and as you are doing that to protect yourself and those involved look to alternatives to avoid impediments to your progress.


Are you worried about other blockchains? Will Ethereum remain successful?

As I said I have been in this space for a very long time, I have been in this space since 2010. I got into this space after my startup failed and I was looking an alternative to micropayments. I had created an alternative to the Google App Store, it was called AppsBidder, and I could get a small micropayment-based system that could process 20 cents an app.


I eventually stumbled on a video by Gavin and some other bitcoin developer, and I have found other creative solutions. Since then I have seen the work that goes into each one of these systems, from the early 2.0 protocols of Mastercoin and NXT, to the second proof of stake protocol that was functioning very well.


After seeing more similar systems come out, it was refreshing to see Ethereum that could do the same functions at another level, with the inclusion of smart contracts which every project no wants compete against. Regarding worrying about a better system, we can see EOS doing a lot of good work, but Ethereum is looking at second layer systems to achieve what EOS is trying to bring to the table. We are looking at plasma cash and plasma debit that would remove the limitations and bring us closer to the real-time responsiveness of games and dapps. I'm not worried yet, but when you start talking about the AI linking up blockchains together and writing its own implementation, then we can begin to worry.

by Alessio Casablanca

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