Imperial Throne's Alpha Test Access & Exclusive Giveaway

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Imperial Throne is a multi-player strategy war game based on the Ethereum. Pre-sale started on December 3d, 2018. All the game’s assets and gameplay are on the public blockchain. Every player enters the game as a tribal leader, but a player can take control over a piece of land only through the in-game auction system and become a lord. All players can mine Imperial Throne Tokens (ITT), recruit soldiers, and enjoy free trade in the marketplace. When the time is right, a lord can declare war against another lord and summon allies in the community to join their fight in the quest for treasures and glory. In Imperial Throne, players are fighting to be the ultimate king and to expand their kingdom.


Heimdall is the ticket to Imperial Throne. On the game page, the system will automatically screen for Heimdall in MetaMask, allowing players with Heimdall to enter. When a player recieves Heimdall, a certain amount of T·ITT (for the alpha test) or ITT will be given for free according to the rarity of Heimdall.


Heimdall, originating from the Norse Mythology, is the watchman of gods. He is the all-seeing and all-hearing guardian securing the entrance of Asgard. Standing on the rainbow bridge, Bifrost, Heimdall devotes his life to defending city gates from the attack of Giants.

In the alpha test, there will be initially 900 Heimdall cards,  90 Heimdall-Rare and 10 Heimdall-Legendary available. Therefore, for every 90 Heimdall sold, it will generate 9 more Heimdall-rare and 1 more Heimdall-Legendary.



From December 6th to December 17th we will be hosting a competition where players will have the chance to win 20 Heimdall Tickets to Alpha Test Imperial Throne.


1. Follow @ImperialThrone_ and @dapp_com on Twitter;

2. Like and retweet the giveaway post link with hashtag #heimdallwithdapp_com;

The winners will be chosen randomly from posted retweets and announced on December 19th.

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