How to Use a TRON Dapp

2019-07-18 10:00:18 · 2965 views · 3 min read

Since mainnet launched last May, TRON has been growing tremendously and becoming the most active blockchain for dapps. From the Q2 Dapp Market Report that we released a couple of weeks ago, TRON dapps are surpassing others in terms of daily active users and transaction volume.  


If you haven’t tried TRON dapp yet, maybe it’s time. Below, you will learn about how to create your own TRON account and then how to use it. Being able to use a TRON dapp is a good way to configure the dapp to what you want it to be. Have fun with it!


Step 1: Create a TRON account on Tronscan

  • Go to Tronscan and start creating your free TRON wallet. First, click on the “IMPORT A WALLET” tab in the top right corner:


  • Select “CREATE WALLET”: 


  • Create a password for your new wallet: 

  • Save your password, then download your Keystore File (that’s your wallet!) and save to your USB stick. The JSON/UTC file contains every piece of information about your wallet. To be safe, we suggest that you store on another USB as well, just in case you lose one of them.

  • Then, you will have your private key. Copy or print the key and save it somewhere else.

  • Click “Next” and finally you get your TRON account. Congratulations! And don’t forget to save it!


Step 2: Setup TronLink extension

Before we get our hands on a TRON dapp, don’t forget to get an extension from TronLink (or any other wallet that supports the TRON network), if you’re going to play a dapp game on your PC. 


  • Download the extension and add it to your browser. Create a password and click “Continue”:

  • Setup the extension with your new TRON account by choosing “Restore”: 

  • Create a unique name for your TronLink account:

  • Then you can choose either link your TRON account to this TronLink extension with using your TRON account private key or importing keystore files. After that, you’re all set.



Step 3: Let’s play a TRON game!

The example we will be using is Blockchain Cuties Universe, a popular game that currently ranked as No.1 TRON game dapp on Ranking.


When you go to the Blockchain Cuties main page, choose “Log In” with Tronlink (not Ethereum/EOS, because they have Ethererum and EOS version too). Make sure you have the Tronlink extension set up and unlocked. 


If the login doesn't work, you can use this way: 


Another way to set up/link your form of payment with your TRON account is by logging in as a new wallet key, setting up a password, then going to the top right corner of the main page. 


Click on your player settings and click “Attach TRON.” Most TRON dapps will have a separate link where you can connect your TRON account with the dapp.


Step 4: Put it into play! 

Start playing! Now, everything should be set and linked up, so you should not have a problem using your TRON account with the dapp that you want to play. And we’re going to take these baby Cuties to an adventure in Cutieland! 

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