How To Use Mintable — A Dapp for Content Creators on the Blockchain

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What Is

Are you a content creator? Wanted to bring your digital art into the blockchain world? Ever wanted to create your own non-fungible token and own the smart contract behind it? Mintable is a new platform that serves as a tool to tokenize and manage your digital items on the Ethereum blockchain. Through a smart contract generator, users can create their own ERC-721 tokens within minutes.


A Platform for All Content Creators

Followers, subscribers, or supporters, whichever might be the label, content creators depend on them to continue their career and growth. provides all content creators with new methods to spread their name and engage followers. No coding is required and you have full control over your smart contract and tokens. Tokens can be used as similar to how Patreon works, but with more connection and value to your followers. Creators can create tokenized badges based on different tiers of support. Then supporters can purchase them in order to help you run your channel. Creators can also use these tokens to let followers access special discounts based on the badges they hold or redeeming them by using their NFT. They can also be used to grant their followers with special rights to access content or products that others do not have. itself is doing this with an NFT, obtainable by donating to help the creation of their platform, that will give you discounted or free fees by holding the NFT in your wallet.  A fun feature this allows is for followers to essentially give your channel or social platform a value. These NFT badges or rewards can become collectibles for dedicated followers or hardcore collectors. Watching how the value of those NFTs change time allows you to hold yourself accountable for the quality of your content.


Marketing yourself in the blockchain community becomes easier by making your unique badges, designs, or art NTFs with NFT tokens that hold your logo spreading through the market and users wallets. Taking an example from someone in the blockchain space, Kenn Bosak has created his own NFT business cards using the platform. Owners will forever hold his logo and contact info in their wallet until sold or given away. Overall it is a cool new way to utilize the blockchain, increase engagement and interact with followers.


Bringing Your Digital Art to the Blockchain World

Digital artist will be able to use as the perfect platform to enter blockchain, but do not know how to approach the industry yet. With this platform, you are able to bring over digital artwork, designs, and digital photography onto the blockchain as NFTs. If you are a content creator that specializes in art, you will be able to reward followers with unique art pieces available on the blockchain. Similar to how other creators will be given a value for their content using NFTs, your art will have a place in the blockchain for users to buy your digital art and trade amongst each other. There it can obtain value based on the users seeking out your art or dedicated supporters wanting to own every possible NFT from you.


Artists can choose to make small quantities of their token to keep their work rare and valuable or make hundreds of them to help share their work but still earn an income. Using your smart contract, users can verify the art comes from you and have authenticity for themselves if they decided to sell their token.


Creating Your Own Smart Contract and Token


Creating your own contract and tokens is made easy through the quick create option. For the smart contract, you can name your contract, create your own ticker symbol, add an image for users to identify. Once that is set, you create a title, description, and category that will help users find you in’s website. Once that is created and verified you simply manage your contract and create tokens. Each token made will cost about one USD dollar each to make and only the specific amount you chose can be minted per purchase. As soon as they are created you may instantly sell them on OpenSea for Ethereum.


Things to Keep in Mind

If you are a content creator or artist that is looking to create NFTs and be more involved with blockchain, it is important to keep in mind the following. Do not abuse your followers' dedication to your channel by reproducing NFTs with the same image or badge to obtain profit. I think that this could be a method to help support your channel, but also for some to exploit their followers. Make sure you place reasonable prizes on your tokens for followers in different financial status to still be able to participate and be involved with you.


Also important to take into consideration is to make sure your followers have access to the contract address to prevent other users to scam them by replicating their own token with the same image. Especially for creators that will use this platform to sell their digital content to their followers or people interested in owning your digital art. There is no security measure to prevent someone from using your image obtained on their own NFTs. Anyone can take an image of you or related content and claim that it is a legit NFT. As a creator using NFTs you want to keep an eye out for this kind of activity, especially the larger your following is. Ensuring your followers are accessing the right NFTs is important for them and for your own personal profit or income towards your channel. is expected to launch their own DEX, to explore and purchase NFTs made by their users, by this summer. I am looking forward to using this platform for giveaways and any collaborations that come about with other users. I am most interested in seeing content creators and artists enter the blockchain world through NFTs. Mass adoption will not just come from the value of certain currencies, but by developers creating methods for all users to interact and work with blockchain no matter their knowledge in coding or technical aspects in the blockchain world. With the increase of dapps developers, I am excited to see how they interact with creators NFTs and the possibility of anyone bringing their own NFT into a dapp. If you are interested in checking them out, go to and share out to me your creations!



Sources: Mintable website, Press Kit, Direct Questions to Dev and Founder


This article is personal opinion and meant to inform players on This is not financial or investment advice on purchasing anything on their platform. NFTs work similar to cryptocurrencies and can be an investment risk so it is always encouraged to do your own research before purchasing anything in the blockchain space.

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