How to Use an IOST Dapp

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Last week, officially announced our partnership with IOST blockchain, and welcomed a group of new IOST dapps joining our community. Now you will get a full picture of IOST dapps all at a glance at, deep-dive into the data when you need it and monitor real-time trading volume, users numbers, and more.

For anyone who wants to get your hands on these IOST dapps, here’s everything you need to know to start out.


1. Install the official iWallet Chrome extension


To start off, you need to create an IOST wallet. iWallet is the official tool for using IOST account and interacting with IOST dapps.

Click here to install

After the installation, you can find this black icon on the top right corner of your Chrome browser.




2. Create an IOST account


Go to IOSTABC (, the most complete block explorer for IOST blockchain.



Find and click “Wallet” on the top right corner of the page. Choose “Create Account For Free”.



In the page above, follow this process:

  • Tick the box “Auto Generate”, a random Public Key will be automatically generated.

  • Type your new account name, then click “Create Account”.

If the procedure is completed, you will be sent to the page showing your account name and PrivKey. Make sure you store your private key at a safe place and never let anyone know it.




3. Import your IOST account into iWallet


Open your iWallet Chrome extension, set a password and click “Import Account”.



Enter your private key into the box, click “Import”, and now you can choose a dapp at our IOST dapp list and start playing!



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