How to use a TomoChain dapp

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According to our Q2 market report, over 60% of the TomoChain dapp users used finance dapp, and over 70% of the transaction volume was contributed by the finance dapps—it’s a lot different from other blockchains, and it shows the fact that the TomoChain ecosystem boats advanced blockchain solutions for enterprises and institutions with its innovative Proof-of-Staking Voting (PoSV) consensus. 


If you want to get your hands on TomoChain dapps, here’s everything you need to know to start out.


Step 1:  Download TomoWallet

TomoWallet is the first mobile wallet for TomoChain and you can create an account in the wallet for FREE. Also, you can import an existing wallet, vote for masternodes, and transfer / receive TOMO (a native token of TomoChain) so on and so forth.


You may find TomoWallet on Apple Store or Google Play—yes, it supports Android too! 


Step 2: Create a TomoChain account

Once get the wallet on your phone, all you need to do is click “CREATE A NEW WALLET”. Voila! You just got your first TomoChain account with a QR code. How simple is that!  

Make sure to back up your wallet—follow the structure and save your 12 words recovery phrase either on paper or store it in a safe place. 


Step 3: Let’s use a TomoChain dapp

We chose TomoMaster to help you understand how to set up and use TomoChain dapp. From the Q2 report that we can see, most of the TomoChain dapp users are driven by TomoMaster, the governance dapp that allows people to apply for masternode candidates by voting for candidates. You need to deposit 50k TOMO to become the candidate, vote for masternodes, and show its performance statistics.


Now you have your TomoChain account, so how do you use TomoMaster?


  • If you’d like to try it on your PC, go to TomoMaster and click on “Login” on the top right corner.

  • Open your TomoWallet and scan the QR code to connect your TomoChain account with TomoMaster. 

Also, you can just choose “TomoMaster” on your phone, if you’d like to go with mobile. 


  • After connecting it with your TomoChain account, you will see:

Network Information: It shows the current block status, the block time, how many blocks are in each epoch, and the next checkpoint.

Candidates: The list shows the person who has deposited enough TOMO to run a masternode as well as those who resigned running a masternode. A candidate is required to be one of the top 150 most voted candidates on the list to become a masternode earning rewards. Voters can use this list to help choose which candidate(s) they would like to stake their tokens for.

Vote: For those voters who want to stake their tokens for masternode in order to earn rewards, they can vote on TomoMaster. Simply click "Vote" and you will be taken to the next page that allows you to vote through staking your tokens, and don’t forget to deposit some of your TOMO first! 


If you’d like to know about voting, rewards, and tips, go to TomoMaster and find more details.


Enjoy voting! 

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