New Feature, Same 888TRON - How to Play 888tron?

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But First of All, What’s 888TRON?

For those who do not know, as the winner of TRON Network Accerlator, 888TRON is a fully decentralized gaming platform that built on TRON blockchain. It’s one of the platforms that launched crypto slot game on the blockchain.


Recently, the new 888TRON site has been launched with new UX and UI, which allows you to add new games and functionality, integrate products from the third-party developers specializing in dapp applications and traditional server solutions.


A Quick Look Back

Since the platform launch, the 888TRON team has done a great job on new game developing as well as the user acquisition.


Something worth noticing:

  • The amount of one-time paid dividends is almost $6 million.

  • The number of transactions processed by the smart contract reached 25 transactions per second.

  • For 4 months of work, the turnover of the platform was more than 350 million dollars. 888 tokens holders were paid more than 9.5 million dollars as dividends.

  • The record amount of bets made in the dapp is more than $150 million a day and more than $250 million a week.

  • The platform has accounted for more than 40% of the total transaction volume of the TRON Network, and they seem to have coped well with this load.


According to the team, the game strategy has been attracting both cryptocurrency users, including miners, investors, traders and users from traditional gambling games to the platform.  


The Future of 888TRON

In the near future, the team will be adding a few new features to the platform, such as:


- Decentralized Baccarat game with an interesting design and a wide choice of side bets features.

- Video poker — A poker game on the principle of a gaming machine, a classic of all American casinos that does not lose its relevance.

- Draw lottery 4 of 20 and 5 of 36 with variable rates and a large prize pool.

- 3D Dice — A dice game that has no analog in the world in terms of game mechanics and visualization, as well as high coefficients for winning.

- Poker game, which will be based on the popular Texas and Omaha poker games.


Also, the team is cooking something new with collective skill games. In next month, they are going to launch the first game of this genre — To the moon — Sounds very exciting things ahead!


How to Play 888TRON

Let’s try out the Dice52.


First, you may use a desktop wallet (TronLink and Guild Wallet) OR mobile wallet (Guild Wallet, Math Wallet, and etc) to start with. Also, you will need to own some TRX.

Then set your bet amount -- This is the amount that you will be betting.


There’re 52 cards in the deck. The lowest rank is 2 and the highest rank is A. You can choose any card from the deck, then make a bet on one of the following three outcomes to happen: The next card (one of the 51 cards left in the deck), which will be chosen randomly. Suites are matter in the game if the player guesses the outcome,  the player will win the bet multiplied by the odds, which depend on the card and the outcome chosen by the player.

And now it's your turn, go give it a try and let us know what you think! 




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