How to Buy A CryptoPunk

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Early in 2017, Larva Lab created CryptoPunks, a collection of 10,000 unique punk characters showing off the Solidity's capability and inspiring other projects at the same time. 



When CryptoPunks first started, the 10,000 strong punks were all free for anyone to snag and make their own. Now they are being traded and auctioned off by their owners, creating a limited edition pixelated art. As they gain in popularity, the price of a single CryptoPunk keeps rising. 

In February, the most expensive CryptoPunk #6965 was sold for 800 ETH (worth about $1.25M at the time of writing). And the second-highest price 750 ETH (worth about $1.18M) was just sold yesterday. People’s passion for collecting CryptoPunks has not yet faded in the slightest.



CryptoPunks accumulated $186.15M volume in 30 days, which increased by 604.52% than the last 30d period. It now ranks No.1 by volume in all the NFT marketplaces on the blockchain.

CryptoPunks accounts for over 55% of the whole volume of Ethereum NFT marketplaces.

On 19th Feb, when the big sale happened, its daily volume hit ATH at $19.86M, as you can see in the chart below. The daily users and transactions also broke its own record on the same day.

If you believe this CryptoPunks trend is here to stay and possibly to blow up, then now would be a great time to get yourself a CryptoPunk. predicts that CryptoPunks will be the next project to issue tokens and do airdrops to all its users. You have missed out ZKswap, Mask Network, BadgerDAO airdrop already, don’t miss out CryptoPunks this time. To help you, here below is our step-by-step tutorial.




Step 1: Set A MetaMask Wallet


To use CryptoPunks which is based on the Ethereum blockchain, you’re going to need an Ethereum wallet address. One of the most used Ethereum wallets is MetaMask wallet extension.

  • Install MetaMask: Click “Add to Chrome” to install MetaMask as Google Chrome extension.

  • Click “Add Extension” to confirm and MetaMask will be added

  • Click on the MetaMask logo, then create new vault. Set your password.


Now you can use any dapp on the Ethereum network! For a more detailed explanation, check our previous article: How to Use Ethereum Dapps.




Step 2: Get Some ETH


Cryptopunks are bought and sold in Ether (ETH), the native cryptocurrency of Ethereum Blockchain. So you need to buy some ETH first.



There are many options for you to buy cryptocurrencies. You can buy ETH in centralized exchanges like Huobi, Binance, or in decentralized exchanges like dYdX, Matcha. (Don’t know which exchange to select? How to Find the Best Cryptocurrency Exchange?



Or you can buy crypto with fiat or credit cards directly on, powered by Moonpay. 



At the time of writing, the lowest price of CryptoPunks for sale is 22.4 ETH (worth about $35K), so make sure you get enough ETH!



Step 3: ConnectConnet Your Wallet to CryptoPunks


Now with your MetaMask wallet settled and some ETH in hand, you can head off to CryptoPunks.

  • Get on the Larva Labs CryptoPunks website, there will be a MetaMask pop-up.

  • Click “Connect” and it will be done.




Step 4: Select and Buy Your CryptoPunk


After you successfully connect your wallet, you are now ready to buy yourself a CryptoPunk! Just slide down the CryptoPunks webpage, you’ll see lots of information about the project. 

Find the “For Sale” part and click to see all the CryptoPunks for sale.

  • Select the one you like from all 905 CryptoPunks and click it, you’ll be directed to its detail page.

(If you don’t have enough ETH in your wallet, you’ll get the same alert as our editor did)


  • Click the “Buy” button. A MetaMask pop-up will appear for you to complete the transaction, and you need to pay both the price and Ethereum gas fee. Click “Confirm”, the deal is done! 



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