Holiday Wonder | A Roundup of Your Favorite Dapps

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Gifts are part of the holiday season. There's almost no way around it. To celebrate the festive season, is going to make gifts more valuable in a “non-economic sense”.

From December 20th to December 31st, you will have the chance to win 1 nifty gift every day as we count down to the New Year! Want some extra holiday excitement? Here are all the cheers you can expect at our Holiday Wonder event:


MLB Crypto Baseball will bring you a whole new experience with interacting with your favorite players and teams.


CryptoKitties, the internet’s favorite digital cats. We hope you love unicorn kitty because we’ve got one (and a few others) for you!


Hedgie “Don’t hug me, but let me be your lucky Hedgie.” (Hint: we’re Exclusive Hedgies.)


Axie Infinity Fluffy and cute Axies are just fresh out of the lab and waiting for you to pick them up.


My Crypto Heroes Get started fulfilling your dreams by having your own hero.


Chainbreakers Let’s time-travel to Ancient Greece, join the rebel squad and fight against the tyrannical government.


RiotCats We hope you like cats. We hope you like cats with tough purrsonality. Because RiotCats will be the one surviving in a post-apocalyptic world and they probably will give you a hand (a paw).


CryptoMiner World Lucky Gems will bring you all the positive vibes.


CryptoRome - “Seize the day.”


0xUniverse Rule the EtherVerse with those planets from 0xUniverse.


Crypt-Oink. Just so you know, 2019 will be the Year of the Pig in Chinese Horoscope and we all want a lucky Crypton.


Gods Unchained To keep it simple - Why you should join this Holiday giveaway because GU team got a surprise for you.   


… And many more to deck your virtual shelf for the holiday!


During the 12 days of giveaway, we will post a question every day and all you need to do is like and reply/retweet the posts with your answer and your registered name. We will randomly choose 1-5 winners from participants who fulfilled the requirements and give out our DAILY holiday gift box.

How to Participate:

  1. Register on and set up your username;

  2. Like and retweet/reply this post with:

    • Your answer to the question;

    • Your username attached;

    • #HolidayswithDapp.

  3. Then you will enter into a drawing to win the gift!

  4. Don’t forget to enter daily for a chance to win more selected gifts.

Winner and Prize Distribution:

  • Every day 1-5 winners will be chosen randomly from yesterday’s drawing.

  • We will announce the winners on Twitter.


Enter Today’s Prize Draw Here

Enjoy the event and we are wishing everyone Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


* reserves the rights of final decision in any case of disputes.

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