Here Is How You Can Become the First One to Get Your Hands on Crypto Sword & Magic

2019-05-15 02:40:00 · 3202 views · 3 min read

Two weeks ago, we had our very first look at Crypto Sword & Magic and now here comes the latest news with the pre-sale and airdrop and we're super excited about! 


The Pre-Sale Starts on May 15th

You will be able to buy equipment at the rarity you want. It is extremely difficult to obtain equipment at more than an Epic rarity in the real game. Since the chances of defeating monsters and winning Epic or higher equipment are extremely slim, and buying high-rarity chests doesn’t guarantee you an Epic or higher item. The pre-sale is the only chance to buy equipment at the rarity you actually want.


The equipment sold through the pre-sale comes with exclusive special effects that make them all the rarer! Each item, saved through the NFT standard, will be uniquely valuable forever.


What Are You Expecting from the Pre-Sale? 

We’re offering four sets of items at the pre-sale: the Special Chest, the Rare Package, the Epic Package, and the Legendary Package. We trust that their names speak for themselves.


The items on Crypto Sword & Magic are one of the following: Normal, Magic, Rare, Epic, and Legendary, growing rarer and more powerful respectively. If you’d like to know more about these items, please refer back to our last post about our equipment and their functions! Here are the full details about the equipment and functions. 


The Special Chest 

This is a standard chest with special effects exclusive to items sold in the pre-sale. Magic item example:

  • 1 EOS
  • 1 Magic or higher item
  • Exclusive pre-sale special effects (used on Rare or higher equipment)


The Rare Package 

The package gives you 5 pieces of equipment to prepare for your battles. Each item will be higher than a Rare, with high chances of high-rarity items. The monsters better watch out for you armed with these items! Item example:

  • 5 EOS (5 equipment items. 1 EOS per item)
  • 1 Rare or higher item
  • 4 Magic or higher items
  • Exclusive pre-sale special effects (used on Rare or higher equipment)


The Epic Package 

The Epic package is a premium set that guarantees you rare Epic items. Since all of your equipment is Rare or higher, you are immensely powerful from the start. The Epic package will make you a hero like none other. Epic item example:

  • 15 EOS (5 equipment items, 3 EOS per item)
  • 1 Epic or higher item
  • 4 Rare or higher items
  • Exclusive pre-sale special effects


The Legendary Package 

The package is for heroes of mythical proportions! With Legendary items, you will be the envy of many - This rarity of equipment is only for the chosen ones. Become the best hero and defeat the monsters with your mighty hands! Legendary item example:

  • 50 EOS (5 equipment items, 10 EOS per item)
  • 1 Legendary Item
  • 1 Epic or higher item
  • 3 Rare or higher items
  • Exclusive pre-sale special effects


Aaaannnd, Airdrop Event! 

The Crypto Sword & Magic team is giving away every participant a game chest worth 1 EOS in our game. 



Note: These chests will be rewarded to you after you log onto the game when it launches. 


Don't miss out and stay tuned for more news about the game! 


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