Helping You Take Back Your Digital Rights With Blockstack Dapps

2019-04-18 10:18:44 · 2153 views · 3 min read

We are always looking to add truly useful decentralized applications from a broader source of protocols than you typically find. Today, we’re excited and honored to announce that has officially listed Blockstack applications!


Blockstack is a full-stack decentralized computing network that enables a new generation of applications where developers and users can interact fairly and securely. It allows users to own their own data and take it with them from app to app in the ecosystem, along with their Blockstack ID that eliminates the need for password-based logins.


More than 4 years of R&D with a team of Princeton PhDs and peer-reviewed papers led to Blockstack developer tools and decentralized ecosystem. These tools offer an easy-to-use, scalable way for developers to build secure blockchain-powered applications and for users to easily connect with these applications. Over 7,000 members in the community of enthusiasts and developers have built more than 80 independent apps on the network with more being added every day through App Mining.


We're excited about the momentum in the Blockstack ecosystem and expect to see many more dapps bringing users privacy, security, and digital freedom. 


The team is committed to educating new users and developers and has signaled their intention to bring more useful data to the broader dapp ecosystem that is often misled by the fraudulent activity on various crypto networks. We’re confident Blockstack apps will stand out for their utility and usability, and help bridge the educational gap that stands between users and a better Internet where they’re in control.” — Patrick Stanley, Head of Growth at Blockstack PBC.



Here are some selected Blockstack apps:

  • Graphite is an encrypted, shareable, private productivity suite for your personal data.  

  • Recall is an end-to-end encrypted and open-source photo vault app.

  • Note Riot is a note taking app where all of your data stays encrypted on the storage location of your choice.

  • Xor Drive is an encrypted and decentralized file storage that alternative to Google Drive.

  • BitPatron is a decentralized Patreon alternative.


"We've been dreaming about using dapps in the same way we use traditional apps. We were hoping to see it happen in the next 5 years but with Blockstack it’s already possible," said Kyle Lu, CEO of, "There is no complicated wallet setup and there are already 80 dapps built for daily use - even dapps to replace Evernote and DocuSign are available. Blockstack is not built to compete with other blockchains, it is built to challenge giants like Google and Facebook."


Check out additional Blockstack apps here and try a new dapp today!

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