The Darkest Knight Is Coming! | Halloween Giveaway

2019-10-29 10:00:00 · 5556 views · 2 min read

What is behind you? The darkest Knight! 


The most popular EOS game — EOS Knights is back in Knight Story, and they’re more powerful than ever! Now Knight Story is putting all kinds of mighty heroes on the Ethererum blockchain — you will be able to build up a scary strong team. Scare, or be scared. In this terrifying season, you have to make a choice.  


To celebrate the upcoming Knight Story launch, the Knight Story team has prepared a special giveaway only for our community and they’re going to spare not 1 but 10 limited Supporter's Badges for all spooky lovers!


How to Participate:

From October 29 to October 31, follow three simple rules:

  1. Follow and Knight Story on Twitter;

  2. Like and retweet the post;

  3. Tag three of your friends who are your spooky soul mate and also fellow RPG gamers!


The Knight Story team will randomly choose 10 lucky winners on November 1, 2019.


The 10 Limited Supporter's Badges Only for This Terrifying Season

Badge detail:

  • If you send the badge to be used in the game, you will receive a 2% bonus whenever you buy Magic Beans (in-game currency) with ETH.

  • You can level up the badge in the game. Once the badge has been leveled up, the bonus amount will be increased

  • Lv I: 2%+, Lv II: 4%+, Lv III: 8%+, Lv IV: 16%+ (16%+ is maximum bonus)

  • To make Lv II needs 2 of Lv I. Lv III needs 4 of Lv I. And Lv IV needs 8 of Lv I.

  • The badge will appear on MyKI list.

  • You can sell the badge wherever you want


About Knight Story

Previously built on the EOS blockchain, EOS Knights now Knight Story is an innovative mobile RPG powered by blockchain. The game is the second title of Biscuit; developed EOS Knights, the legendary blockchain game. 


Check out the intro video:


Hurry as the contest ends on October 31!

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