Gods UnChained Team Exclusive Interview - Story Behind Legendary

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If you even remotely care about crypto gaming, you probably already heard about Gods Unchained. All the news and buzz - it’s just impossible to miss that one. We had our Legendary Giveaway event along with Gods UnChained team a few weeks back. It generated a great success over the social media. The single event post got 673 likes, 81 retweets, and 63 comments within 7 days and had over 170k views - it was totally amazing!


The game is being called “the world’s first blockchain-based eSports game”. It also backed by Coinbase and other VCs - it’s literally “brings fame and fortune my way”. But who are the people behind the game? Who are creating this fantastic game that kickstarts a whole new generation of blockchain game?


Dapp.com caught up with Tyler Perkins, CMO of Fuel Games (the creator of GU) to chat about the stories behind this legendary game.


Q1: Any plans for putting blockchain on the whole games? Right now seems like only for the transactions?

- Our first game Etherbots was entirely on-chain, so the idea of moving game logic into smart contracts isn’t new to us. Our company is focused on building solutions to help ourselves and others make use of the practical elements of blockchain technology, so we’re always thinking about ways to move more components on-chain without sacrificing the user experience. That said, we think hybrid on-chain / off-chain approaches will be dominant in the years to come.


Q2: What is the cool thing about Legendary pack- the prize that you are giving away to the Dapp.com community?

- Each legendary pack is guaranteed to contain at least one genesis legendary and one rare+ card. These genesis cards will only be created prior to the game launch, and right now there are only 300-400 of each legendary card in existence. Compare this with Magic: The Gathering, where 1,100 of each rare card were put into circulation with their alpha set (a copy of ‘Black Lotus’ being the most notable just sold for over $87,000 USD).


Q3: From your experiences, what advice would you offer game developers who would like to build their own blockchain games?

- Work with us, otherwise be prepared to lots of time and money coming up with solutions to problems that are completely unique to building on distributed ledgers.


Q4: A lot of people are looking forward to the first world tournament (in early 2019). We've noticed that the prizepool has surpassed 280k dollars so far. Would you like to share a little bit about what to expect at your first tournament?

- We expect some of our players to walk away very happy, but all tournament details are hush-hush for now.


Q5: Can you give your players some unknown cool tips and tricks in playing Gods Unchained?

- Not yet, you’ll have to play to find out :)


Q6: What’s the story behind each main character?

- You can find more information on the characters below. We plan on expanding the lore and sharing more about the characters and their past as the game evolves.


                                                               God of Light


                                                              Godness of Death


                                                                God of War


                                                               Godness of Nature


                                                                 God of Magic


                                                            Godness of Deception


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About The Game

Gods Unchained is a decentralized competitive card game based on the Ethereum blockchain. It enables users to trade and sell their cards freely, with the same level of ownership as if they were real, tangible cards.


*All images are copyright to Gods Unchained team.

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