Will You Be Dapp.com's Neighbor on HODL Street?

2018-12-13 02:25:04 · 7386 views · 1 min read

HODL St is a game centered around buying, building, and trading real estate in a virtual city built on blockchain technology. Real estate is very limited but once bought it’s 100% owned by you, the city will never expand and your development will be unique!


Today’s world of real estate is full of secrets, such as comparable lease rental rates, property prices, and valuations, to create a possible competitive advantage. This lack of transparency and reliance of trust within individuals generates inaccuracies and potential for fraud.


HODL St. is an exciting demonstration of how real estate ownership can live on a global digital ledger that’s infinitely more secure than the computer systems used today. However, the world of cryptography can be tiresome and overly complicated at its core.


At launch  HODL St. will be an open-ended land map ready for founders to secure their very own piece of the valuable estate. As the project develops founders will be able to choose their own path on how to manage their investment. HODL St. is structured on four key gaming territories.

From December 13th to December 21st,  we will be hosting a competition where players will have the chance to win either a Level 1 Building or a Land Block. Dapp.com also joined the HODL St land and now has its own building, we hope you can join us in the blockchain real estate exploration:


1. Follow @HodlSt and @dapp_com on twitter;

2. Like and retweet the giveaway post link with #HodlwithDapp;


The winners will be chosen randomly from posted retweets and announced on December 24th.


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