Get Your Own Spirit Animal on the Blockchain

2019-05-14 04:00:00 · 7541 views · 2 min read

What is your spirit animal? Is it the snow leopard? Is it the unicorn? A serval, or a grumpy cat? A Golden Eagle might be’s spirit animal because we want “fly like an eagle”. Now CryptoServal is putting all kinds of spirit animals on the blockchain — You are finally able to own yours forever and ever.


To celebrate the upcoming CryptoServal 2.0 release, the CryptoServal team has prepared a very special giveaway for our community and they’re going to spare not 1 but 21 animals for all the animal lovers!


How to Participate:

From May 14 to May 18, follow 3 simple rules:

  1. Follow and CryptoServal on Twitter;

  2. Like and retweet the post;

  3. Tag 2 of your friends who are animal lovers.


The CryptoSeveral team will randomly choose winners on May 20, 2019.


Which Animals Are You Going to Get?

  1. 20 Deers with effectiveness 30 — Every deer will have more than average power (The majority of animals in circulation have an effectiveness of 10), and it could be auctioned up to $200!

  2. 1 Rare African Elephant with effectiveness 40. Currently, there’s only one other animal that has the same effectiveness/power — Just like the elephant in the real world, isn’t it?!


Check out the marketplace and you will know how RARE those deers and African elephant are!


About CryptoServal

CryptoServal is a crypto-collectible game where you build a team of animals in order to defeat bosses, which periodically spawn across the world map.

Check out the intro video: 

Interested in getting to know about the game? Join the Discord to chat with the team and other animal lovers and spirit animal seekers!

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