Get DAPPT & Earn Additional 150k TRX

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Time to get your airdropped DAPPT and earn additional TRX! had received a strategic investment from Du Capital founded by Peter Du, the legendary young billionaire who made 36,000 times in return via investment of $IOTA. And $DAPPT will be listed on backed by Du today to offer a huge amount of giveaways and benefits to our $DAPPT holders.

If you have participated in our Pre-listing Airdrop,

Get your airdrop DAPPT on Piexgo.

Here are to-dos:

1. Register on Piexgo using your EMAIL and get your UID.

2. Send your UID to @dappcom_bot via Telegram and key in "/bind" with your UID. 


3. You will get your amount of airdrop within 24 hours on your Piexgo account.


Get 150,000 TRX!

TRON is the №1in the Q2 dapp user growth. To appreciate that effort, 150,000 TRX will be given to our community!


How to get TRX on Piexgo?

Users who hold more than 5,000 DAPPT with at least 1 trade will be able to share 30,000 $TRX during the 5-days campaign. The more DAPPT you have the more you will get. The prize will be released every day!



  1. Hold more than 5,000 DAPPT

  2. Complete at least one trade in DAPPT/USDT everyday


  1. PIEXGO will snapshot user holdings every hour before 15:00 (UTC +8). Users will share a total of 30,000 TRX according to proportions of their average daily DAPPT holdings. The promotion will last for 5 days.

  2. Users can trade or deposit to get enough DAPPT.

  3. The rewards will be granted before 24:00 (UTC+8) every day.

  4. The usage of multiple accounts, cheating, unethical behavior (as defined by PIEXGO), will disqualify the user from all rewards. All rights are reserved by PIEXGO.

See detail for the campaign


Go Now and get your token!

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