Want A Share of Warren Buffett’s Company Stock? Join This Competition Now

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Remember our tutorial on how to buy Tesla stock on FTX exchange? FTX allows worldwide traders to access more than a dozen equity and crypto pairings. The first available one is Tesla, and now Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Netflix, Google, and more are added!



If you invest in the top global companies with crypto on FTX now, you’ll have a chance to win an iPhone 12, a real Tesla Model S, or even a share of Warren Buffett’s company that is worth about $343,000!



Let’s check how to participate in the FTX Tokenized Stocks Trading Competition



The competition period started from 8 pm Nov 11, 2020 (UTC +8), and will end at 8 am Nov 25, 2020. To participate, you need to sign up for FTX at any time prior to or during the competition period. That means, you only have 8 days left to join!



Then how to win the 3 types of prizes in this competition?




Raw PnL(Profit and Loss) Prizes

Top prize: A share of BRK.A (Berkshire Hathaway) (worth about $343,000); 


2nd prize: A Tesla Model S or equivalent value of TSLA equity on FTX (worth $69,420);


3rd~10th prize: iPhone 12 or equivalent value of AAPL equity on FTX (worth $1,200). 



To win Raw PnL prizes, you need to trade tokenized stock, no minimum or maximum capital required. With proper investment strategies, you can try to earn the highest profit and rank on the top of other users. This includes PnL from all tokenized stock trading offered by FTX, including both spot stock markets, and from quarterly futures on them. The PnL calculates the total USD made trading stocks and futures on them, marking all open positions to the market price at the end of the competition.



If you are not so confident about your trading skills, you can try your luck on the Lucky Draw Prizes. 




Lucky Draw Prizes

Lucky Draw Prize 1: 5 shares of BYND (Beyond Meat Stock) equity on FTX (worth about $700). In total 20 winners will be randomly chosen amongst the top 200 users by raw PnL.


Lucky Draw Prize 2: the FTX Ledger Nano X wallet (worth $150). In total 50 winners will be randomly drawn from all users who trade a minimum of $100 volume in tokenized stocks.




Influencers’ Prizes

Last but not least, there’s another prize called Influencers’ Prizes. The top 20 influencers with the most referred equities trading volume during the event period can win an iPhone 12 or equivalent value of AAPL (Apple Stock) equity on FTX (worth $1,200).



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