Fight for the Last Pixel

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Last Pixel, a new decentralized game is launched by a studio called Funny Games and it’s not just about coloring the pixel. Now you can compete with your friends or the community in this frantic crypto game. Need to find some ideas for Friday game night? Choose Last Pixel!


What Is Last Pixel?

The game is based on Ethereum blockchain and the idea is simple: You can paint the pixels with different colors and find a way to become the last artist or participate in painting the field in one color. The winning prize will be Ethers from the banks (like Jackpot that players can win).


Why You Should Start Playing the Game?

Last Pixel is really simple to understand and play — this is the main advantage, there's no complicated gameplay and all you need to do is to win one of the two main banks by coloring pixels: time bank and color bank.

How Does the Game Work?

The time bank will be distributed if no one paints a pixel in 20 minutes after the last painting.


  • The most of the time bank–45% goes to the player, which painted the last pixel in 20 minutes.

  • Another 45% goes to the other 50 players who painted before the last pixel, in proportion to their share of painting. There is a chance for everyone to win the part of the bank.

  • And the final 10% goes to the next round, so the time bank will never fall to zero!


The color bank is paid out when the field is completely filled with one color.


Three Key Features You Need to Pay Attention To:

  1. The game works on any iOS/Android device with a standard browser, so you will be able to play the game anywhere, anytime.

  2. Getting started is very easy: select one or more pixels on a 7 by 7 field that you want to paint, then choose one of 8 colors and hit the button “Paint”.

  3. Several ways of passive earnings like owning of pixels, owning of colors and referrals.


How to Play Last Pixel?

Let’s explain the gaming process in a simple way.  


On the 7 by 7 field, there are 49 pixels to color. To fill one, you should just choose the preferable color on the left side of the screen.

You are able to color 15 pixels at once.

The timer on the pixel shows the time until the time bank will be distributed if no one will color another pixel. It starts to count from 20 minutes.


The interface is pretty simple and intuitive. Everybody can understand it, but if some troubles will occur, you can always ask the question from their kind admins in the chat. The icon of the chat is on the lower left side.


So it's finally Friday, go grab your friends, order some pizza,  and play Last Pixel! 



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