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Happy First Day of Fall! 


Our weekly new dapps just keep getting better — introducing a new dating dapp, a Reddit alternative, a prediction marketplace, and an incognito search tool that keeps your search history from others. Let’s dive into some of this week’s coolest dapps — and we think you’ll like them.


Whooo helps you find love with the people you pass by every day

It seems that the dating business is still booming. Every once a while, we see new dating apps come out and join the already crowded market. But have you been swiping all over the world on those apps for years and have not yet met the love of your life? Fun fact — now Facebook wants to match you with your friends and find the one from your connections through things you have in common. Sounds logical, but would you risk your privacy and even allow Facebook to know who’s your crush? NO.


There couldn't be a better time than now to ditch dating app and try dapp. Whooo is a location-based social dating platform that powered by Klaytn blockchain. We’ve all had that special moment of coming across with someone at the coffee shop, gym, or on your daily commute. Now with Whooo, you can connect with the people that you just have had special encounters — do you ever wish you could talk to the person that always got the same coffee around the same time as you at Philz a while ago?


Whooo brings the dating experience on the blockchain and provides data transparency and security to all the users. Unlike other swipe left or right apps, Whooo woos you and your matches in a new way and here is how it works: Get Whooo from Google Play or App Store, set up and complete your profile (it will be a dandelion seed aka Whooo token), the seed will be floating around the area for 24 hours, once it reaches someone who passes by, you two can message each other — it’s a match! If there are over 100 people in the same area and have their Whooo on, the area will be a hot spot, meaning you will be able to get more matches.


Sapien: A decentralized alternative to Reddit

Built on top of Ethereum, Sapien is a decentralized social network platform that encourages people to speak freely, create and share high-quality content, and get the reward. It aims to discourage fake news and enable meaningful conversations and economic freedom by using the power of SPN token. 


The Sapien’s UI looks neat, it’s clean and easy to navigate. If Reddit and Medium had a child, it could be Sapien. And most importantly, it’s a more transparent and community-driven platform — the community will be able to control the Rewards Engine with consensus! 


To get started on Sapien is simple, all you need to do is sign up with your email. Then you can contribute to the network by posting content, voting or commenting on other people’s posts. SPN tokens will be distributed to people based on the Charges (votes) they receive on a daily basis. 

People's Casino gives wings to your dream of owning a casino

Powered by Ethereum blockchain, People's Casino allows you to buy and run your own fully functional gambling app. Each casino is an ERC-721 collectible token aka an online gambling machine, and you can sell or trade it on the open marketplace. 


Here’s how it works: you will be able to purchase a Generation 1 of People’s Casino on OpenSea, then set up the supply, and start earning! The earnings from the game go straight back into your casino and it can be withdrawn at any time. 


Not sure what kind of license you will need for owning a casino in your local area, but People’s Casino would be a cool NFT to have indeed! 

PredIQt: Everipedia’s new knowledge market

It's human nature to attempt to predict the future and the team behind the Everipedia believes a decentralized prediction market will be the most powerful tool to aggregate knowledge about the future, so they’ve built PredIQt.


As part of the IQ Network family of knowledge-based dapps, along with Everipedia, PredIQt is a prediction market platform built on the EOS blockchain. It allows any EOS user anywhere in the world to create markets pertaining to future events, such as “will the bitcoin price be above $10,200 on Tuesday?”, or “will Chelsea defeat Liverpool?” Users will be able to purchase and trade shares in the outcomes of event markets and utilize the IQ token. 

Land Ho!: Incognito search where you save your own search history

Want to hide your search history from others? Land Ho allows you to save your search history across multiple search engines and devices securely. And you don’t need to create a profile on Google or Safari that is in the control of those big tech companies — you and your search data are completely safe on Land Ho.  


Based on the Blockstack technology, all you need is your Blockstack ID and log in to Land Ho. Your search history will be maintained within your Blockstack account and you will be the only one that can access those data. And of course, you can delete them too if you want to and no one else can. 

SatsHi: Earn bitcoin when you go live

This new dapp is for live streamer — SatsHi now lets you earn bitcoin by live-streaming yourself. Leveraging Blockstack storage and Bitcoin Lightning, so you will get the tips in Bitcoin every time you go live on StatsHi. 


Going live is easy. Sign in with your Blockstack ID, add a short description of your content, and start broadcasting. The platform doesn't take any fees from the transactions between you and supporters.


It could be a new way of making money…? Live streamers, please try it out and let us know what you think! 



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