Space x Blockchain - 4.5 ETH Worth of ExoPlanets Giveaway for Users

2018-09-11 22:10:00 · 4640 views · 2 min read

With the blockchain technology, exploring the galaxy has never been more interesting, fun and rewarding! Great news for all the blockchain and/or astronomy enthusiasts, ExoPlanets, the space exploration crypto game based on the Ethereum blockchain, will launch their Alpha gameplay very soon and is waiting for more #Exoplorers to join the fun! 

What is Exoplanets? lets you own an ExoPlanet (each planet is a non-fungible ERC-721 token), evolve life on it to the point of achieving space exploration capabilities and expanding to smaller resource planets across the galaxy. 

Why is it special?

The ExoPlanets database is built using actual data from NASA on the current known planets outside of our solar system, and there are only about 3,700 confirmed ExoPlanets at the moment. The ExoPlanets are so rare and valuable, not only due to their low quantity, but because of their amazing graphics and unique features! 



Here comes the most generous giveaway ever!

Now, the team is giving out three of these valuable unexplored ExoPlanets to community, which valued at a total of 4.5 ETH! 


Want to gain an incredible ExoPlanet? As long as you are a user, you will enter a chance to win by simply taking these steps: 



From Sep. 12 to Sep. 18

1. Follow the ExoPlanets Twitter account: @ExoPlanetsIO 
2. Join the Telegram group:
3. Join the ExoPlanets Telegram group:
4. RT the post with your username & Telegram name and #DappExoplanets


Can’t wait to be the first settler/owner of one of the 3,700 crypto exoplanets?


Join us and start your space exploration Now!

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