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ExoPlanets Beta Tryout & Win 600 ExoTokens

ExoPlanets is honored to present its playable 3D Beta, which is like a real game! When it’s out of beta it will be linked to players' ether wallet and they will be able to mine resources and convert them to ERC20 ExoTokens.


Sounds awesome, right?

Now, you will have the exclusive opportunity to experience the live real-time spaceships and play with other players! is working with Exoplanet to call-out game lovers and reviewers to try out this awesome game. In return, you will be writing or taking a video about your experience.


We will be choosing three reviewers for this tryouts. As a reward for providing the reviews, they will receive 600 ExoTokens in total - the best review gets 300, 2nd place 200 and 3rd place 100. 


Take a look at the ExoPlanets official site:



Things worth your attention

The reviewers need to know the game’s mechanics so it is recommended to read the gameplay section to understand how it works.


Reviewers will have to go through the Exoplanet website and check out the whole game, including the galaxy, market, evolution.


ExoPlanets surfaces, and the 3D demo (which will be provided to the reviewers only) and write about ExoPlanets as a whole.


Reviewers must use a PC with Chrome (other browsers might not work well with the demo right now).

Important points to be covered in the reviews

- Galaxy page which shows all of the ExoPlanets currently in the game.


- The evolution screen and planets surfaces - Pressing the little white planet icon on any ExoPlanet will show its evolution screen, pressing the top left icon on that screen will take the user to that planet’s surface view (which changes according to which evolutionary level the planet is at right now).


- The market - which shows all planets currently for sale, their prices, and their evolution details.


- The 3D Demo of spaceships and mining on resource planets.


- The reviews can be an article or a video. The article needs to be over 500 words; the video needs to be over 5 minutes.


If you are ready to take this challenge, fill the application form now! 

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