*ExoClusive*—A First Look at Brand New ExoBattles

2019-04-01 05:49:31 · 3325 views · 3 min read

Hello ExoPlorers!


After a magnificent release of a new area to explore and mine in a couple of weeks ago, and a super fun, first of its kind photography contest, ExoPlanets team wants to share their future plans with you.


ExoPlanets and its EXT(ExoTokens) economy are an amazing achievement, thanks to your strong support, the loving community. Looking at the market right now, we see that the best way to push ExoPlanets and ExoTokens forward is by building a bigger economy around it, which means additional games that are not as complex as ExoPlanets, but are related to ExoPlanets both in story and in the use of EXT.

Introducing: ExoBattles — A Mobile Game Concept

What Can You Expecting from the ExoBattles and Why It Is Mind Blowing

ExoBattles is a  fun and competitive crypto mobile game that will let you fight online against other players in a crazy Battle Royale, by controlling alien robots that are sent from the civilizations that evolved on ExoPlanets, all for glory and hoards of ExoTokens!


  1. Fight against bots and real players to dominate the game.

  2. Level up during combat and become undefeatable!

  3. Gather enough ExoTokens to unlock assets in the assets store.

How to Be the First One to Explore the New Game


Now we’re calling for ExoPlorers to test the new game!


At this early stage, the demo is available for 50 players ONLY! After trying the demo, you can fill a feedback form, which will get you an airdrop of 300 ExoTokens! Currently, the demo is available only for Android devices and does not interact with the blockchain, BUT we guarantee that it will blow your mind!


If you would like to be amongst the first people to play this awesome new concept game, please fill in this demo access request form.


ExoPlanets team will be choosing the first 50 applicants according to the answers provided in the demo access request form.


The crypto gaming industry is gaining momentum and is evolving pretty fast. Exoplanets’ 3D multiplayer mining game is a living proof that crypto games are already a reality in the ever-growing gaming industry.


Are you excited about the first-ever crypto Battle Royale multiplayer game?! Are you ready to make ExoTokens the best ERC-20 gaming token out there?! Because we sure are!


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