*Exclusive* Everything You Need to Know About Chainbreakers’ Third Quest Area

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Long waited Chainbreakers Closed Beta for Decentraland finally will be open on July 19th, 2019! Make sure to own your gear until July 18th to have it available on the Testnet. Two quest areas -- The “Forest of Solace” and the “Town of Edgewelter”, in Decentraland, have unveiled a couple of weeks ago, and now here comes the third one -- Deepwatch Outpost!


What do you expect to see Chainbreaker’s third quest area in Decentraland? 

As a central guard station situated in the middle of the Burning Sands, Deepwatch Outpost is where most combat veterans end up for lengthy stays. The guards manning this outpost have seen battle, and do not banter like peaceful citizens normally do. Nevertheless, they all stand by their oath to protect those less capable from the true nightmares that live beyond the borders.



We’ll roll out various features while the closed beta happens. We’ll start with 3 quest areas but the title will include 8 quest areas and lots of different quests when its released on September 30th. If you’d like to join the testing process in our closed beta, you need to get one of the very limited early access tokens on OpenSea prior to July 18th. (Project Lead, Rene Schmidt)



About Chainbreakers

Chainbreakers is a blockchain-based strategic RPG that integrates cryptocurrencies and digitally scarce game assets by design. It is set in Ancient Greece, during the reign of a cruel government. Players enter the world and are tasked with supporting the rebellion. Gameplay elements include gathering suppressed slaves and integrate them into your rebel squad to lean against the tyrannic system, claiming items and loot, and forging partnerships with other rebels to embark on the most dangerous challenges in the realm.


Chainbreakers raised around $130,000 in their crowdsale. During the sale, their team strongly focused on community building. The most expensive NFT sale was $2,500 paid by a community member who purchased the “Chain Breaker”. Prior to this beta announcement, Chainbreakers has left its first immutable footprints within the growing blockchain gaming ecosystem.


Chainbreakers is the first Ethereum WebVR strategy RPG developed for the Decentraland metaverse and the first game that launches on Matic.Network. The WebVR game will be playable on the desktop, mobile, and with VR headset once Decentraland has added support. Players are able to earn Decentraland’s MANA tokens by actively playing the game and can strategically develop their game assets to increase their value.  

Join the official Chainbreakers Discord and get involved.

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