Only 1 Week Left to Get A Lucrative NUT/EQ Swap Rate!

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Equilibrium has launched its NUT/EQ token swap! The swap began on August 31 and will continue for 30 days until September 29, 2020. EQ is Equilibrium’s new utility token. Equilibrium is the first decentralized cross-chain money market built on Polkadot that combines pooled lending with synthetic asset generation and trading. After having established EOSDT, the premier decentralized stablecoin, ​and the lending project on EOS by collateralization, Equilibrium will use Polkadot’s technology to enable the full potential of the DeFi market by vastly expanding its scope. 

As time passes, the swap rate will gradually decrease, finally reaching 1:75 before the swap ends. Currently, 60% of the total token allocation foreseen for the swap has already been filled. Thus, swappers must hurry to complete the transaction.

There is still a great opportunity for users who swap > 5,000 NUT to receive an additional bonus on special terms!


EQ tokens offer the following major utilities:


  • Transaction and Product fees – Users pay transaction fees and product fees in EQ tokens on the Equilibrium blockchain.

  • Staking and Governance – EQ holders will receive rewards coming from token inflation on EQ tokens staked to Equilibrium’s governance when Equilibrium migrates to NPoS consensus according to its roadmap to decentralization. Projected inflation will be around 2.5% a year.

  • Bail Liquidity Provisioning – Liquidity providers can earn yield in EQ tokens on securing loans in the system by locking assets including EQ tokens in Equilibrium’s liquidity pool.



Compared to NUT (current utility token of Equilibrium), the EQ token brings additional value since it will be usable on all major blockchains and enable maximum liquidity across multiple chains and digital assets.


Equilibrium will become the essential missing link which will open the vast remaining potential of the DeFi market. If 97% of the current DeFi market is locked on Ethereum, ETH is only 12% of crypto, leaving colossal possibility for growth — which Equilibrium will make accessible by making DeFi interoperable.


There is one week left before the NUT/EQ token swap ends. Check the details on the token swap webpage.



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