EMONT Rebate, Start Your Mon-Venture Now!

2018-08-20 02:42:33 · 8247 views · 2 min read

Ethermon, the leading game of the Game 3.0 era, is coming with new features and loads of events following! This game has nailed in the Top 10 games of Dapp.com Ranking, with an average of 400+ daily active users. With awesome battle play and promising VR prospect based on blockchain technologies, it is promised to offer players experiences like never before.



Look at what other Etheremon players say about this game:


The pure joy of playing Ethermon is hard to convey. It's one of the first movers in the dapp world, and is poised to dominate the cryptogaming space!

Good news for all Dapp.com community members, Etheremon x Dapp.com Rebate Event is coming your way!

Getting EMONT Rebate for ETH Spending In-Game

(EMONT: ERC20 tokens to use when trading within the game, they are able to be mined only through gameplay)



Rules: From Aug 20 to Aug 31, Dapp.com users will get EMONT rebate for any amount of the ETH spent in-game, at the rate of 300 EMONT for 1 ETH spent. There is no requirement for the minimum spending amount. 


Qualified ETH spending in-game will be:

- Buy any Mons/eggs in Official Store.

- Buy Energy pack to play battles with ETH

Make sure you log in Dapp.com put your wallet address in the user center before you jump into the game, so we can track your transaction within this time slot, and secure a rebate for you. 


Please note that this rebate event is only for New Etheremon users.  If you haven’t already played it before, now it’s your perfect time to adopt a cute Etheremon and start your Mon-venture!




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