Where and How Much You Can Earn? -- DeFi Stablecoin Staking

2020-03-30 04:00:00 · 11096 views · 3 min read


Under the current economic climate, the safer cryptocurrency you may choose is stablecoin. However, you may also worry that by holding stablecoin, you will lose the chance of earning from the fluctuations.


What about staking your stablecoins and earn up to 19.19% annual interest?


Sounds attractive? Let’s take a look.


There are 4 different stablecoins to stake in the leading DeFi platforms - USDT (Tether), USDC, TUSD and DAI. 


Aave offers the highest interest rate for USDT and USDC, which is 1.75% and 2.58% per year, respectively. For TUSD, Nuo is offering the highest interest rate of 4.28%. And boom! Nuo also offers the highest interest rate of DAI, which is 19.19%!



Which DeFi platform I should trust to stake & earn interest?


One way we need to do is to look at their performance - it is very important to have good liquidity for the platform to protect your assets. And who will have better liquidity? Those ones who have more users and more money flowing in.



These 5 DeFi are doing very well in terms of active users, transactions and volume. Compound, dYdX and Aave are outperforming others in these 3 stats. 


You could track all these data in dapp.com: https://www.dapp.com/dapps



Next session, we will be talking about earning interest by ETH staking. Stay tuned and follow us!



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