How’s Your Crypto Day Today?

2020-08-27 09:50:00 · 3482 views · 4 min read


Morning, crypto enthusiasts!



Hurry up, time to check your CoinGecko or CoinMarketCap watchlist. The crypto market is changing every second, and you’ve slept all night! Is the price climbing or flipping? Are you selling or hodling? 



Then you might start your first trading today, in a centralized exchange like Binance, Huobi, OKEx … or in a decentralized exchange like Uniswap. You are trading multiple tokens in more than one wallet? Better arrange them wisely in your all-in-one crypto portfolio apps. No matter what product you choose, it’s all about your trading strategies.



But trading is not the only way to earn in the crypto market.



If you are trendy enough to be a modern farmer, you might spend all this morning yield farming instead. There are so many new DeFi products claiming they’ll provide you with the highest interest rate. For example, 8 “food” liquidity staking DeFi products can even build up a DeFi restaurant for you. Which one are you farming in?



Time flies during your hardworking in the field. After lunch, you might want to switch to something light and fun but still can earn you free crypto.



Turn to then! We can provide you with ideas on how to earn token rewards by shopping, playing games, writing comments, or claiming microtasks. And we are the place where you can discover the latest blockchain products and enjoy the blockchain technology. Get tired after diving into the crypto market? Why not buy some Crypto Coffee with the crypto you earned to refresh your brain! You can save 10% if you pay with Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. Feel your body stiff after a morning’s farm? Download the Actifit app on your phone, stretch out, and get token rewards!



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Soon it’s dinner time. Perfect timing for some evening news. Pick up some highlights of the day on Cointelegraph and Coindesk. A glance at what other crypto enthusiasts are discussing on Bitcointalk or Steemit.



This is definitely the scene you most want to see in the news. So does everyone.



Finanlly it’s time to bed. How to end this crypto day?



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