Lightning Puzzle: Compete To Solve Puzzles And Earn Satoshis!

2020-07-16 09:30:00 · 8468 views · 3 min read


Lightning Puzzle is a platform where you can challenge yourself with puzzles. 


There are two sections of puzzles: Competition and Free Puzzles.



For Competitions

To join in a competition, you need to pay Satoshis first. Every guess by any user costs sats.


75% of all collected sats will be won by the first one who solves the puzzle. From time to time there will be new competitions.




For Free Puzzles

Every solved puzzle competition becomes free for everyone.


You are also able to create your own puzzles and earn sats when people like it. Often you will need external sources to discover the solution.




Then How to Claim Your Sats?

You can withdraw the sats you earn through the Bitcoin Lightning Network. Just make sure to save your account recovery.


Lightning Puzzle is generally with every wallet compatible. The recommend wallets on the website are: Phoenix (Android, non-custodial), Zap (Mobile & Desktop, non-custodial), Wallet of Satoshi (Mobile, custodial).



😜 Just for fun and to practice, check this puzzle below, can you solve it?



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