Drifting in Crypto — How Fast Do You Want It

2019-11-04 07:00:00 · 6032 views · 3 min read

"Feel the Speed. Feel the Rush."


It's a long and expensive road to becoming a professional car racer and it’s dangerous but exciting too. CryptoFast just makes your dream come true — now you will be able to be a fantastic car racer and even do that Tokyo drift — on the blockchain! 


Great news to our Dapp.com community, the CryptoFast team is giving out two BMW M3 and one McLaren P1! These are limited edition cars and if you are a fan of Fast and Furious, you probably shouldn’t miss the opportunity to own one for FREE!


Nothing beats the feeling of driving a million-dollar crypto worth car as fast as it can go and knowing that there's no one else can drive it faster. Join the giveaway campaign from November 4 to November 7 and start racing now!


How to Participate:

From November 4 to November 7, please follow three simple rules:

  1. Follow Dapp.com on Twitter;

  2. Like and retweet this post, and comment which car you like the most;

  3. Tag three friends who love the car racing game as you do!


The CryptoFast team will randomly choose three lucky winners on November 8, 2019.


What’s Special About Limited Edition Cars?

In the CryptoFast game, you will get regular dividends through mining — car racing, car trading, and more. Also, DeFi feature will be added to the game very soon, meaning whatever you purchase a new car, rent a car, or insure your car and etc, you will get all kinds of benefits from financing your car. Sounds exciting?!


Look at these gorgeous beasts you will get from the giveaway:

The  McLaren P1 is capped at 10 — you can totally imagine how rare and pricey it is!

The classic BMW M3 has a cap of 800 and you will be able to gain income the next day.


About CryptoFast

As one of the representatives of blockchain game 3.0, CryptoFast is a racing car game based on the NEO blockchain. The game has over one million combinations, such as DIY cool refit, instance, racing, guessing and other systems. And also combing the blockchain games with DeFi feature, and giving the system to the player to lead and letting the player operate the system for profit.


"If you ain't outta control, you ain't in control." Join the club today!

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