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2019-07-01 08:05:00 · 7783 views · 4 min read

Forget your insecure Gmail and outdated apps, the new internet is here! These latest dapps can help you check off everything on your bucket list:

1. TravelFeed: The TravelFeed platform creates a global community where independent travelers can benefit from sharing their experiences, learning about potential destinations, and directly connect with other travelers. This format allows users to avoid the overcrowded tourist areas, and discover the hidden gems lying at their destination. Enjoy a more genuine experience abroad with TravelFeed!

2. HydroPay: With this new mobile payment Ethereum dapp, you can efficiently and reliably pay anyone on your contacts list for food, drinks, rent, movie tickets, and so much more without the fees. Hydro Pay is the first gasless P2P crypto payments app of its kind. Much like Venmo and AliPay, HydroPay allows users to send one another money quickly. 


3. Opacity: Opacity Storage is a private and secure file storage platform helping you keep your wallet safe. Opacity uses the OPQ token as payment so users don't pay with a credit card which could expose personal information to hackers in the event of a data breach. 

4. NEMOStudy: NEMOstudy makes it easier for students to get everything they need outside the classroom. As a blockchain-based P2P content trading platform, NEMOStudy offers viewing of a variety of Internet lectures such as certificate, language, and self-improvement. Continuous instruction and content updates are available and you can continue learning anytime, anywhere with easy purchasing through NEMOPoint. 


5. Dmail: Dmail presents email on the new internet. It uses Blockstack and Lightning Network to create a decentralized service that puts you in control of your own data. With this latest blockchain technology, you no longer need to worry about giant tech companies sharing your data without your consent and flooding your inbox with spam.


6. PUML Better Health: Keep off the extra summer pounds with PUML Better Health. This brand new dapp is a blockchain health and fitness project that securely stores and protects fitness data whilst rewarding users with a unique Health and Fitness Rewards Protocol. Earn tokens through sponsored challenges, microdata rewards, staking events and 3rd party data offers. 


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