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As we mentioned in Weekly, 107 dapps were “Delisted” last week.



What does “Delisted” mean? How to check whether a product is “Delisted”? Why we set this new criterion? Since it’s important and matters to all of the dapp users, we’d like to further explain it.




“Delisted” Standards?


A product will be labeled as “Delisted” when the following occurs:

  • The website is not accessible, Or the product is not functioning;

  • It is reported and verified as a scam project;

  • The team has announced shut down.



How To Check “Delisted” Dapps?


It’s combined with our search function. You can type down any dapp name in the search bar and check “Delisted” or not. In the "Product" column, if the dapp logo darkened with a “Delisted” tag at the bottom, it has been “Delisted”.



To further check the dapp activeness, just click into the detail page, then you can see its statistics chart.



Why “Delisted”?


From time to time, our users would contact us and claim that some dapps are not qualified or scam projects. They suggest us to delete them from listing.



However, we decide to "Delist" these dapps instead of simply delete them. And why?



Before you use a dapp, you might search for it to check its activeness. If the dapp is deleted from our listing, then its statistic is nowhere to be found. Now, these unqualified dapps get “Delisted”: They will still appear in your search result, but you can also understand the dapp status as soon as you see the red mark.



As far as we consider, it’s responsible to list both trust-worthy dapps and unqualified dapps. It’s a better option to protect you from scams and suspicious projects by monitoring all the dapp performance.



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