How to Earn Up to 19.68% Staking Profit? DeFi Is the Key

2020-04-27 21:23:00 · 9494 views · 5 min read


Last time, we've shared about how to earn by DeFi stablecoin staking. In this section, we will share how to earn by DeFi cryptocurrency staking. If it's hard to earn from selling cryptocurrency under the current market, at least you could get some profit from staking it.



Let’s first check what kind of cryptocurrencies you can earn from.

You can earn by staking these cryptocurrencies: ETH, LINK, MKR, SNX, BAT, ZRX, KNC, REP, MANA.


With SNX, you get the highest profit rate: Aave Protocol offers up to 19.68% for SNX, and NUO offers 14.32%. Aave also offers the highest profit rate for MANA, which is 4.53%.



Among all 5 DeFi dapps with ETH staking, Fulcrum offers the highest profit rate of 1.46%.



The profit rate varies much from different cryptocurrencies. Even though the profit rate of some cryptocurrency is not that high, you can still earn something from what you already hold in hand while at the same time, waiting for market opportunity.




What About the DeFi Dapp Performance?

From the user and transaction performance, you can tell which DeFi dapps have better liquidity. This is a very crucial consideration of choosing a trustable DeFi dapps.



Compound ranks first among all 5 reliable DeFi dapps listed above, followed by dYdX and Aave Protocol.



It’s important to monitor dapp data through ranking function, especially when it comes to DeFi.



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