Dear Diary: My Week Experiencing 7 New Dapps

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Dear Diary, 


Since the 2010s decade is ending in 4 months — it’s the best decade in retrospect, I’ve been wanting to start writing a diary. And last week, I tried seven new dapps — new dapps, not a bad idea to start and keep my daily log going, right?


I took some notes of the highs and lows of experiencing these new dapps. Here is my diary: 



Day 1. Start my diary on dMy Blog

They called it a decentralized blog, so I think my words here are safe, with no censorship, no data spies. I feel truly free to write what I want.


To start, I sign in with my Blockstack ID, click on a “+” button and voila! My brand new diary page is here! The site has a bunch of editing tool, which is pretty cool, but I will just keep it simple this time. 


Also, it says that I can share my post on social media and with other people, just via a URL, guess I will try it later — when I write more.


Day 2. Fly DozerBird and catch rewards on my morning commute

Oh, looks like the maker of CryptoDozer serves up a new treat: DozerBird — challenges you to fly through the obstacles and collect rewards with your tapping figures. 


I tried my hand at DozerBird this morning on my phone and I like it. I pick this game because it’s a mobile game (it’s rare for a dapp game!) and it’s cuteness overload — those dolls, I mean oh my god… And cute dolls and treasures are everywhere, I got as much satisfaction from collecting them. 


The game says I can also use the rewards that I got from DozerBirds in the CryptoDozer too. Will try it tomorrow and see how the crossplay works.


Day 3: Will Somnium Space be my final VR destination in the decentralized world?

I have to admit that I have a thing with VR since the day I tried Oculus headset for the very first time at Gaming Insiders Summit many years ago. Just simply mind-blowing.


Now it looks like Somnium Space is going to take the VR to the next level — make the VR world sociable and decentralized! 


I like what they describe themselves — they’re building an open, social, virtual reality world. In Somnium Space, I can own a piece of land, build whatever I want, an avatar, a house, a theater... and sell on the marketplace. Also, I can hang out with friends, chat over there and build stuff and friendship together. 


It’s free to download via Steam Early Access and it works on my Oculus Rift right now, woohoo! 



Day 4: We choose to own the Moon on DIANA

Came across this dapp today and I immediately thought about “We choose to go to the Moon.


DIANA is offering us the ownership of the Moon by dividing it into 3,874,204,892 cells — it encoded on the Ethererum blockchain. Each cell was weirdly assigned a 3-word address, e.g. It’s about 4 billion addresses that will be generated. 


To own your piece, you need to get their tokens first — DIA and MOND. DIA is the proof of registration token and MOND is 1:1 with the US dollar as a transaction token.


So, do I want to own a piece of the moon?


Though simple, it has many following up questions: Is the Moon our common heritage? Or our joint asset? And who owns the Moon anyways?




First steps on the Moon.


Dust flew. 


Day 5: Jam with Raggae on ReggaeSteem 

Get up, stand up, it’s reggae Friday! 


Steem blockchain always has some cool stuff. 


ReggaeSteem is the platform to share and earn rewards (JAHM and SCOT token) from your favorite reggae music, art, and culture. It has two separate sites, one is a Steemit-like forum that you can share your passion there, and the other one is called ReggaeTube, a YouTube-like place for sharing Reggae-centric videos. 


I’d upvote some music and support those musicians. And hopefully, I can save enough rewards to get free hotel stays in Jamaica! 


Day 6: To trust or not to trust

Found a little game called Trusting Trust and spent some time on it today. It is more like a psychology game and you might think the game is inspired by the prisoner's dilemma.


The game is about trust. All you need to do is deposit a little bit of Ether and choose either “Corporate” or “Defect”. There is a 48% chance of winning the game and you will get twice the amount of money deposit. But there’s also a 52% of chance you will lose. 


It’d be fun if I can play the game with a total stranger and I might go straight “Defect” because cooperation is hard, isn’t it? Hehe.


Day 7: Start sharing my content on LBRY 

Making money on digital content is not easy, especially for those content creators who are just starting out. LBRY, however, a dapp that let you share your content for free on an open and community-run marketplace. 


LBRY helps create a unique name (like the domain name) for the digital content you share. Sorta similar to Steem-bases dapps like DTube and 3Speak— you get the tips from others who think your content is cool. Also, you can sell your content with a 100% listed price and LBRY doesn’t take any fees. If you’re YouTuber, you can just sync content to LBRY and get varieties of lump sums of LBC token, depending on the number of subscribers you have on YouTube.


At this point, the content distribution channel is the more the merrier for me. Going to download LBRY.


And bye for now. 


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