Join the Dark Side $2+$100

2020-02-17 09:00:00 · 4280 views · 2 min read


A Blockchain-based American Gothic Card Game you’ve never seen. 


Classic CCG, Auto battler mode, Living board CCG, ESports, etc. 




 Own your assets on blockchains 


WAX, TRON, EOS, Ethereum & others



Starting from February 17th to February 21st,


Join this EXCLUSIVE campaign to start your journey in Dark Country with a full collection of prizes. 


Everyone to get

  • A 20% discount coupon

  • A Common Standard Card Pack


50 Winners to get

  • A $2 worth Rare Card Pack 

  • An early access ticket to the game


1 Top Spender to get

  • A $100 worth Mega Bundle


1 Winner to get 

  • A $39.95 worth Starter Bundle.



How to Participate:  


1. Register at Dark Country via (other links won’t work)


---> You will get a 20% discount coupon in the “My Item” column in your user center. 

2. Join Dark Country Telegram Group


---> You will get a Common Standard Card Pack in the “My Item” column in your user center. 



3. Send your registered e-mail to Telegram admin Danny


---> 10 lucky winners will be randomly chosen to get a $2 worth Rare Card Pack every day. Winners will be announced in the Telegram chat. Total 50 winners. 



4. Join Dark Country Presale


---> Top Spender during the campaign period will get a $100 worth Mega Bundle.



5. Retweet Campaign Tweet to win social lucky draw 


-> 1 lucky winner will be chosen to win a $40 worth Starter Bundle when the Lucky Draw Tweets reach 300 retweets. 



Let's get started. 


Join now 


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