How to Stake DAPPT and Get 180% return in ETH

2019-07-31 11:24:18 · 6075 views · 2 min read

It's finally here.

This has been a crazy week for DAPPT Staking - got super famous, backed by all the crypto leaders in the east, and was called “a pants-losing staking program” by Vincent Zhou, founder of FBG Capital.

So how does DAPPT staking work? How to make a 180% return in ETH?

Let's earn those pants.


First of all, DAPPT Staking will be happening on the website. 


The site is optimized for both mobile and PC with the support of multiple languages. Here we will show you how to participant in the craziest staking program in the history of crypto.


You will be able to see the pop-up window once entered



The entrance for DAPPT staking is not fully open yet. But it will be opened at 7 AM EST on August 1st. 


We will be able to see the campaign once it’s open later. It shows that there is more than one staking program for DAPPT.


There are definitely multiple staking programs in the future for the DAPPT holders.


We will need to log in to once click “Stake now” after agreed on the terms and disclaimers. Please note that we can only log in via email due to security system upgrade - which means for existing users who registered before via social media, you will need to create another account using your email.


The DAPPT staking program is very likely to oversubscribe, we will open the deposit one day ahead. This is to make sure we have enough time to get the DAPPT ready in the platform and win the DAPPT allocation.


Here is a quick recap of our staking program: 

  1. The return of DAPPT staking is based on the daily price of DAPPT. Which means the higher the price of DAPPT, the more return for the staking.

  2. You can redeem the staked DAPPT any time you want.

  3. There is a total allocation of 50,000,000 DAPPT for the staking program.

  4. Minimum participation per person is 50,000 DAPPT.


So let's do it. First of all, we need to deposit. 


Deposit DAPPT on is as easy as sending your token to the exchanges. The platform will generate a dedicated Ethereum address for each user. You can copy the address or scan the QR code using your wallet to deposit DAPPT. You will be able to see the balance after 5 block confirmation. 


And the next step is to stake your DAPPT.


Click “Stake” and the minimum amount of DAPPT to stake is 50,000 DAPPT while the maximum amount is 1,000,000 DAPPT. We have set each allocation to 50,000 DAPPT. You can change your amount of DAPPT to stake via "add" or "minus" the allocation. If you have a sufficient amount of DAPPT on your account. Go “Max” and its all yours.


And that's when we make ETH without doing anything else. 


And what's next?


We can see our daily earnings in the Staking page. 


Total Assets: The total amount of token you have on * daily price on

Available Balance: Total Assets minus the amount of DAPPT you have staked. You can either withdraw the DAPPT in this column or leave it for the next staking program. 

Staked Amount: It shows how much DAPPT you have staked and your daily return. Your daily return is based on the price of DAPPT divided by the price of ETH on at 6 PM GMT+8. So the higher the price of DAPPT, the more ETH you'll make. 






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