Dapps You Shouldn't Miss | April 30, 2019

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Last week, we had 32 news dapps joining our community. New dapps added this week are headlined by decentralized freelancing platform, a proof-of-travel traveling platform, a privacy-focused exchange, an exciting Tron-based game, and a more secure alternative to daily fantasy sports sites.


1. Canwork: The global #freelance economy is huge, dominated by super-platforms like Freelancer & Upwork. However, many of these platforms charge huge platform fees, anywhere from 30% down to 10% of client project spend. Canwork, a decentralized global platform used to match clients with affordable, quality freelancers from around the globe, only takes 1% in service fees when you make a transaction. The use of cryptocurrency payments allows for international transactions to be processed quickly and with less fees.




2. Triip: Since late 2018, Triip, a Singaporean, global travel platform that claims to make it possible for travelers to enjoy exciting private tours by offering them frictionless hotel booking experiences in 227 countries, has announced its partnership with TomoChain. And now, clients are able to book their travels with TOMO tokens. With the power of blockchain infrastructure, the new system rewards travelers who share proof-of-travel with access to tailor-made experiences.




3. DApp DEX (Decentralized application exchange) is a decentralized platform for cryptocurrency exchange & trade base on the Ethereum blockchain. Just like other DEX, it promises security, transparency, and system’s reliability compared to its centralized counterparts.




4. Dragon Castle: Now we are inviting you to the world of Dragon Castle, a dangerous world with fearsome dragons and thousands of monsters fighting against each other for territory. You as a warrior is called to defeat the monsters and protect the citizens. Building on top of the Tron blockchain, the game will sure offer you the chance to win the fight and earn TRX tokens.




5. EOS Fantasy: EOS Fantasy is a daily fantasy sports (DFS) platform based on the EOS blockchain. Place your bets on your favorite players in the morning, and receive some real EOS token by the time the sun comes down!




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