Dapps for Surviving the Holiday Season Ahead

2019-11-11 07:05:00 · 8308 views · 3 min read

Oh, holiday fun! All the shopping, traveling, cooking, and quality family time. FUN. 


Last week, we had 22 new dapps from various blockchains joining our community! Betting dapps dominate as usual, but we found some dapps that caught our eyes and they are headlined by a decentralized list-making dapp, a peer-to-peer gift card marketplace, and a dapp that makes your trip more rewarding. The holiday season is upon us and there’s no time like now to get organized and get ready — let’s make this year’s holiday season easier in a decentralized way! 


Now let’s dive into the new dapps of the week:


Lists: Make a private list for any purpose

If you are usually feel overwhelmed before or during the holiday preparations, well, you’re not alone, because us too! Maybe it’s time to make a big change this year by start gearing up for the coming holiday season, like now! And Lists is here to help. 


Building on top of the Blockstack network, Lists is a decentralized list-making dapp that helps you to keep everything on track. Once you log in with your Blockstack ID, you can create all sorts of things (events, contact info, and etc) that you want to keep track of and without worrying about the data privacy. 


So, let’s use Lists to plan out everything it entails ahead and smooth the road through the holiday season, shall we?

Altas: Just like TripAdvisor, but with blockchain-based rewards

For all the travelers out there, Altas is the new dapp that you should check it out.


Altas is a decentralized travel ecosystem that connects you with all kinds of travel businesses and suppliers — it looks like they have lined up some nice resources for you to choose, and of course, it connects you with your fellow travelers too. The Altas mobile app is going to take your stress out of holiday travel and make your trip more rewarding — thanks to the Klaytn blockchain. 


On Altas, you will be able to see all the recommendations and reviews before you book anything. Also, your travel experience will be more transparent and fair because of the zero commission Altas market place. Unlike TripAdvisor, your contribution to the community, such as sharing your hotel or restaurant reviews and other travel-related content, and interacting with the community, will get rewarded in ATLS tokens.

Ethconomy: Save more with gift cards

In case you didn’t know, gift cards are still the most-purchased present during the holidays. Now Ethconomy wants you to buy and trade gift cards with cryptocurrency.


Ethconomy is a peer-to-peer marketplace for retailer gift cards, where you can buy discounted gift cards (up to 30% discount) using Ether (and other tokens coming soon) and gift card owners can buy crypto anonymously using gift cards. So you will be able to save more on the daily expenses and make some extra crypto with gift cards. Also, you don’t have to worry about crypto volatility, DAI and USDT are also acceptable for the payment. 


Thinking of starting your own holiday hustle? Maybe you can try Ethconomy this year!


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