Dapps for Securing Your Digital Life

2019-05-14 08:19:09 · 4254 views · 4 min read

With the advent of technology, digital fraud is on the rise. The blockchain technology could be the ultimate solution for this universal problem. This week, we’d love to introduce 4 new dapps that will make your digital life safer and more enjoyable.


1. V-ID: Validate your digital files and future-proof your business


The internet has allowed people a large amount of freedom, yet the freedom comes with a price. Millions of people are defrauded each year and this number is increasing. V-ID brings out a possible solution to prevent this problem from happening. Its goal is to secure the user’s digital file against unlawful manipulation and protecting businesses against digital fraud. With the power of blockchain technology, it verifies any incoming digital file to make sure it was unaltered and sent by the expected sender.



2. Authoreon: Protecting Authenticity & Trust


Similar to the online environment, the retail industry is also under the threat of identity theft, counterfeits and all sorts of unauthorized instances. Authoreon is introducing the world’s first machine-readable optical label on the blockchain that enables numerous applications in authorization, authentication, verification & certification. Businesses with luxury brands being the biggest target for counterfeiters  will now be able to selectively supply retailers with a snippet, which retailers can then incorporate into their online storefronts. Retailers will then display an ‘Authorized Retailer’ badge, letting customers know the brands that the retailer is authorized to sell, and display information showing that the products are legitimate.



3. Timestack: Decentralized time tracker for freelancers


Building on top of Blockstack's open source software, Timestack is the first truly decentralized and encrypted time tracking and billing application. With the power of the blockchain technology, this dapp caters to every conceivable need that a freelancer could have. It can record working hours against specific activities, produce accurate statistics of working time, and track time on projects, tasks, and clients.


4. Scannie: More than a document scanner app


Scannie is a document scanner dapp which automatically stores documents with end-to-end encryption. It is completely free, secure, decentralized and open source. On top of these features, it also supports intelligent live document detection, precision control cropping area editing, and more to come. Scans are automatically saved encrypted via Blockstack and they will be accessible via the iOS application as well as the browser.



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