Dapp.com x Opera Dapp Store Opening Carnival: Win $3,000 Worth of NFTs in CryptoDozer

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Dapp.com x Opera Dapp Store Opening Carnival: Total $5,000 worth of tokens and NFTs to win using the Opera Browser, at the same time you can enjoy the convenience and fun!



To have fun and earn in the Opening Carnival, you need to learn how to activate your own Opera Wallet first.



CryptoDozer: Unlimited In-Game Items and $500 Worth of Special Packs for Top 6 Traders


10 Days, start on 27th July



CryptoDozer is a simple and easy crypto-arcade game that you can play and collecting adorable NFT dolls.



There’re two types of rewards to get in CryptoDozer during this Opening Carnival. One for every player, the other for the top players.



Special Daily Login Bonus for Everyone:


Each user who signs up through Opera Wallet via this special link https://cryptodozer.io/?accesskey=opera_July20 can get 0.06 ETH worth of in-game items



Daily Rewards:


D1 - (Absent) 


D2 -  300 Cookies + 1 Wall


D3 -  400 Cookies + 1 Wall


D4 -  500 Cookies + 2 Walls


D5 -  600 Cookies + 2 Walls


D6 -  700 Cookies + 1 Potion 


D7 -  800 Cookies + 2 Potions


D8 -  900 Cookies + 1 Wall + 1 Potion


D9 -  1,000 Cookies + 2 Walls + 2 Potions 


D10 - 1,000 Cookies + 1 Normal Key




  • You can get free items each day in a roll if you log in the game through your Opera Wallet each day during the 10 days Carnival. 

  • Rewards from the previous days will be paid out on the next day, automatically to your CryptoDozer account.

  • If you quit login for one day or a few days, then the next time you log in, your rewards will be counted as the next day rewards of the last day you log in the game.



For example,

you sign up and log in to the game on D1. You log in on D2, so you will receive your D2 rewards directly in your CryptoDozer account on D3. Somehow, you forget to log in on D3 and D4. Then on D5, you log in, and you’ll receive D3 rewards since the last day you log in is D2. To make it simple, If you only log in for 5 days by the end of the Carnival, no matter which day you log in, you’ll only receive the D1 to D5 rewards. 



So, do remember to log in via this link every day to go up the reward tiers and collect all of them.




Rewards for Top Players:




1st - Nick Pass (Value 1.104 ETH)


2nd - Peppa Pass (Value 0.539 ETH)


3rd - Twinky Pass (Value 0.348 ETH)


4th - Hikimo Pass (Value 0.166 ETH)


5th - Wall Pass (Value 0.205 ETH)


6th - Cookie Pass (Value 0.21 ETH)




  • Top 6 Players with the highest level (must be level 32 or higher) and best created Fancy Doll, will each receive a Pass Pack worth $500+ in total. 

  • The prize will be distributed directly to your CryptoDozer account.

  • When the 2 or more players have the same levels, whoever gets the best created Fancy Doll will have a higher rank.



We’ll update the ranking every 3 days on this page.


Top 6 Player:


Your prize will be distributed to your account on next Monday (10th Aug).


 Nickname  Level   Prize
 azmodie  50  Nick Pass
 Bigcac  41  Peppa Pass
 vinceno  41  Twinky Pass 
 Johnyu  39  Hikimo Pass
 bossmanX90   38  Wall Pass
 Yodaspock  36  Cookie Pass



How to Sign up for CryptoDozer through Opera Wallet?

  • Firstly, access CryptoDozer via this special link in your Opera browser. You’ll see this pop-up.

  • Click “Allow” to sign up for the game through your Opera Wallet, and your account will be ready.



Now have fun with the cute charactors and win your rewards in CryptoDozer!



To see the prizes, rules and guidelines for other dapps, click here to return to the main campaign page.



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