Dapp.com x Opera Dapp Store Opening Carnival: Have Fun and Win $5,000

2020-07-27 10:00:00 · 7392 views · 3 min read


To celebrate our exclusive partnership with Opera and for the dapp community to experience the smooth and fast of Opera Wallet, we have teamed up with CryptoDozer, Sorare and KyberSwap to present a fun and happening Opening Carnival. 



Total $5,000 worth of tokens and NFTs to win using the Opera Browser, at the same time you can enjoy the convenience and fun!



Here are the rules and guidelines for you.



How to Activate Your Opera Wallet


To have fun and earn in the Opening Carnival, you need to activate your own Opera Wallet first.

  • Download and open the Opera browser on your device.

  • Click “Settings”.

  • Click the “Activate” button under the “CRYPTO WALLET”.

  • Click the “Open Wallet” button.

  • Your Opera Wallet is ready to use! You can receive or send cryptocurrency through it.



Now just follow the rules and steps in the subpages below to collect all the rewards in your wallet! Don’t worry if you are newbies in the blockchain. We have a short tutorial for every dapp.



CryptoDozer - Unlimited In-Game Items and $500 Worth of Special Packs for Top 6 Traders

(10 Days, start on 27th July)



Sorare - $500 Worth of Rare NFT to Top 10 Players During the Campaign, $50 Each

(10 Days, start on 27th July)



KyberSwap - $1,100 Lucky Draw for 105 Traders, Up to $30 Each

(10 Days, start on 27th July)



Campaign Update



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