Dapp.com Forms Exclusive Partnership with Opera for its New Dapp Store

2020-07-24 06:00:00 · 7018 views · 5 min read


A New Dapp Store for 350M Users Worldwide


The partnership between Opera and Dapp.com is set up to get Web 3 and dapp ready for its mass adoption, by bringing great onboarding experience with a great selection of products. 



Opera is the first major browser to integrate a native crypto wallet. With over 350 million average monthly active users worldwide, Opera is a top 5 web browser in terms of market shares. 



While crypto is still far from reaching a mainstream audience, Opera is already the go-to browser and wallet app, reaching over 170,000 monthly active users of its crypto wallet.



Moving forward to the next level, Dapp.com, a global leader in dapp analytics and distribution, became the first and only choice to empower Opera’s dapp marketplace. This means that all Opera users will be able to discover the lastest and best dapps on Ethereum and Tron. On the other hand, dapps listed on Dapp.com will get more exposure and awareness by being accessed from Opera Dapp Store.




Discover Top Dapps by Dapp.com Score


The brand new Opera dapp store uses Dapp.com Score as its core to allow users to discover popular dapps easily. Dapp.com Score is an algorithm to measure a dapp’s performance using 7 key attributes such as User's Attention, Timeliness of User Actions, Community, etc. The top tier dapps have a higher score. 



To provide a high-quality selection of dapp, a filter by Dapp.com Score is added to the Opera dapp store. Only dapps that have a score over 30 will be listed on the Opera Dapp Store. 




One-Click, Multiple Devices, No Installation, Never Crash.  


Web 3 is Young, Opera is Easy. 



You could activate the built-in crypto wallet with just one click, on both Android and IOS devices - no extension needed, no installation needed. Opera desktop enables a smooth wallet to connect feature, which allows you to use your mobile wallet on PC by scanning a QR code - No login or passwords needed. 



Upcoming Opening Carnival: Have Fun & Win $5,000


For the dapp community to experience the smooth and fast of Opera wallet, we have teamed up with KyberSwap, CryptoDozer, Sorare and The Sandbox to present a fun and happening Opening Carnival.  



You will be able to win $5,000 worth of tokens and NFTs using the Opera Browser while you:


  • Play CryptoDozer for free and earn valuable NFT;

  • Play Sorare to form your the fantasy football team; 

  • Trade instantly with KyberSwap to experience DeFi; 

  • Exploring and own part of the virtual world of The Sandbox



The Opening Carnival will start on Monday 27th July at 10:00 AM EST and last for 10 days. Stay tuned for more information about the games and tasks. 



Last, For Dapp developers


Didn’t see your dapp at the Opera Dapp Store? Submit here. Getting a feature spot? Promote here. 



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